Apple HomePod

The New Apple HomePod 2023 | Better Features with Spatial Audio

Release Highlights:

  • The Apple HomePod has the S7 chip.
  • It has a quad microphone design for better hearing by the smart device.
  • The smart home device has a 4-inch woofer
  • It has new and advanced temperature sensors and acceleration sensors.
  • The price is set at 2299 yuan ($340)

Apple has finally launched the second generation of Apple HomePod with improved sound and more features. There are new temperature and humidity sensors, and an acceleration center. This is the second generation after the initial release in 2017. However, there are not many groundbreaking changes. As the original generation is without any doubt great in performance and value for money.

Apple HomePod Black

Design & Appearance

It has a 4-inch excursion woofer, which allows users to interact with the smart home device. It also comes with Spatial Audio to enhance the multi-media experience for users. It can be used in both audio and video. Moreover, the computational audio technology and real-time tuning make the user experience smoother and more enjoyable. The Apple Homepod comes with 5 tweeters to amplify the sound experience.

The device will be available in two different colors for the consumers to choose from

  • Midnight Grey
  • White

More Features of Apple Homepod

The latest generation of Apple Homepod runs on the Apple S7 chip. It is the same chipset used in the Apple watch and has always provided great results. It also has features like room sensing so the user experience can be tailored specially for your needs.

Apple HomePod Specs

Price & Availability

The new Apple HomePod has been released globally and has one variant for the price of 2299 yuan ($340).

Source (Weibo, In Chinese)