MIUI 14 Personalised desktop

Here Are The Best MIUI 14 Features You Need To Know

Xiaomi has officially announced the MIUI 14. MIUI 14 will focus on system simplification, reducing the system’s resource consumption of hardware through the “Razor Plan“, bringing users a lightweight but powerful system. Packed with tons of features let’s find out some of the best features.

Here Are Some Of The Best Features Of MIUI 14

Less System Storage Space

MIUI 14 has been optimized to reduce the storage space occupied by the system so that more space can be reserved for users’ files.

In addition to storage space, MIUI 14 also reduces the number of boot items by 12%, thus saving 9% of boot memory usage. Many phones are now equipped with 8GB of RAM, and the optimized MIUI 14 allows for a smoother experience for phones with 8GB of RAM.

MIUI 14 Storage space usage

Only Essential System Applications

Every phone has pre-installed software, and MIUI 14 also streamlines this pre-installed software, not only all third-party pre-installed software can be removed, but also some of Xiaomi’s own system applications.

There are only 8 basic applications that can’t be deleted: phone, SMS, contacts, file management, system settings, app store, browser, and camera.

MIUI 14 New interface

No More Duplicate Files

MIUI 14 also supports the cleaning of duplicate files, for example, in Chatting Apps, every time we forward a file, we save a copy of it on the phone, so the number of duplicate files is still high, through MIUI 14’s duplicate files cleaning feature, you can also avoid the waste of storage.

Less Storage Space & Memory Usage On Mid & Low-End Phones

MIUI 14 has been optimized for storage space and memory usage, and for low-end and mid-range models, these changes will bring more significant improvements.

Smooth Animation & Faster Response

Flagship-level Mi 13 Pro, MIUI 14 naturally gives full play to the hardware performance of the phone, bringing a smooth experience in daily use. The MIUI system can adjust the animation rate, which can further enhance the smoothness visually.

In order to ensure a smoother control experience, MIUI 14 not only refines the hardware requirements, but also significantly optimizes the system architecture and scheduling mechanism, and adjusts the underlying kernel of the Android system to ensure that the phone remains fast and responsive under heavy load.

MIUI 14 Faster response

Personalized Desktop Makes Your Phone Unique

MIUI 14 also upgrades to desktop personalization, not only enriching the type and number of desktop widgets, but also adding new icon shape settings, each icon has four sizes to choose from, and the combination of desktop widgets creates a more personalized interface.

MIUI 14 Personalised desktop

At present, MIUI 14 desktop icon system has been opened to designers, and there will be more styles for users to choose from, the diversified settings to meet the needs of users for personalized desktops.

MIUI 14 also added a new flower pet artifact, you can add a small pet or greenery plug-in on the phone’s home screen, when you click on the plug-in, the flower pet artifact can also interact with the user, just like a small electronic pet.

MIUI 14 pet icon

New End-side Text Recognition Capability To Further Strengthen Information Security

Since MIUI 12, Xiaomi has been emphasizing system security issues, including the previously introduced flares, interception network, hidden masks, and other features, all to ensure that mobile phone users’ privacy is not stolen at will by the software. At present, MIUI has been awarded the 5-star certification for personal information protection by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as well as the CTA 5 certification, which also shows the outstanding performance of MIUI in terms of security.

With the improvement of mobile phone performance, many functions can be implemented on the mobile phone side, so it can also better help users protect the security of information. In MIUI 14, a new feature of extracting text from pictures on the mobile phone is added, which allows you to extract information from photos and copy them. This process is all done on a mobile phone, without the need for an internet connection, so you don’t have to worry about data leakage.

In the recognition of graphic text, just long press the screen to select the text content you want to copy, just like we usually copy text information, the operation is still very convenient.

MIUI 14 Personalised desktop

Compared to other systems, MIUI 14 has higher accuracy in text recognition, supports a variety of voice extraction, and can even recognize handwritten text recognition, which provides a better experience in practical applications.

MIUI 14 text recognition 2

At the same time, MIUI 14 also supports Chinese real-time subtitles on the mobile phone, not only supporting Chinese recognition but also realizing Chinese-English translation, which is also realized by Xiao Ai translation using the phone’s own performance without the intervention of cloud computing.

MIUI 14 real time subtitles

For example, during a video conference, we can present the content of communication through text, and the recognition process does not require network support, nor does it affect the smoothness and stability of the conference.

Mijia Welcomes Version 8.0 New Interface Device Control

Mi Home 8.0 is built into MIUI 14. The new version is optimized for the interface and integrates the same type of smart devices, so you can not only operate these devices at the same time with one click but also tap on them for a single control.

Mijia interface

In addition, room distribution information has been added to the home page of Mi Home, which is also more convenient as there is no need to switch to the device menu for selection.

Mijia interface 2

Mi Home 8.0 also provides a variety of intelligent scene settings to help users preset the linkage operation of multiple devices in different scenes, eliminating the need for users to add devices one by one, and allowing for one-click scene generation.

Smarter And Faster Connectivity

In the era of smart connectivity, the phone plays a pivotal role, so MIUI 14 also further enhances the phone’s connectivity experience by optimizing the full-link self-research algorithm for connectivity, for example, allowing the phone to discover connected devices 50% faster and connect them 12% faster.

MIUI 14 Faster Connectivity

The actual use scenario is mainly reflected in the headset connecting to the phone, when the headset opens the cover, the connection prompt can pop up on the phone with almost no waiting. In addition, when the phone is connected to the TV or other devices suitable, also all will have faster speed.

In addition, the high-speed interconnection of MIUI 14 is also reflected in the speed. The transmission speed of MIUI 14 has been improved by 77%, so the transmission speed between the phone and the computer will be faster when the phone is connected, making the wireless transmission between the phone and the computer more efficient.

Relying on the optimized interconnection effect, MIUI 14 also brings the headset streaming function. Through the built-in Xiaomi MiuXiang Center in MIUI 14, you can achieve cross-device connection of the headset by dragging the headset, and the whole process is also very convenient as it does not need to adjust the headset.

MIUI 14 Phone Screen as a keyboard

When the phone and the TV are connected to the same WiFi, the phone can be used as a remote control for the TV through the MiuXiang Center. If you click on the search function of the TV, then a search box will pop up on the phone, and you can search the TV content through the phone, which is much more convenient and quick than using the remote control to search.


The most important upgrade of MIUI 14 is the significant optimization of the system, which not only reduces the system’s consumption of mobile phone resources, but also ensures that MIUI 14 still has a smooth experience after a long period of time, and the continuous and stable smooth experience is the biggest advantage of MIUI 14.

In addition, MIUI 14 strengthens the end-side privacy capability and further improves the data security of the phone, so that users can use the phone with more confidence. With the addition of MIUI 14, the phone also further strengthens the role of the smart hub, which also plays a more important role in the smart home.

MIUI 14 is still highly recommended for everyone to upgrade, especially for non-flagship users, and with the addition of MIUI 14, the phone’s experience will be further enhanced.