Hiring online writing service cheating or not

Hiring Online Writing Service To Write Essays | Cheating or Not?

Due to the huge popularity that these services have obtained over the years, online writing services have positioned themselves as one of the greatest helpers that students have around the world. But with such popularity, several questions have come, as well as, is hiring an online writing service ethical or not? Online writing services are considered cheating? Today we are going to answer these questions, so stay with us.

Online Writing Services | Using them is cheating or not?  

What is An Online Writing Service?

Before talking about whether they are ethical, cheating, or not, we must define what they are. Online writing service or essay writing service is based on a series of web platforms where there are a certain number of professionals related to certain areas, which are available to students to create different essays depending on the material and specifications that it needs. Likewise, these professionals can perfect any type of essay they have done, either by adding information or avoiding possible plagiarism.

Although they are widely used worldwide, it is not expected that this type of platform creates certain doubts in users. There are many questions that come up in this regard, such as: Are they reliable? If they work the way they show it? Having said that, one of the most popular and the ones that most worries users are undoubted: Hiring an online writing service is ethical? Does that mean that I’m cheating? And it is that, due to the nature of these pages, it is normal for people to ask these questions, and here we will tell you the truth.

Is Hiring Online Writing Serice To Write Essays Or Other Content Considered Cheating?

Technically, yes, using an online writing service is cheating, but not for the reason you might be thinking. Although the term “cheating” is used when one person copies something from the other, where a high percentage of similarity is found, the reality is that this term can also be used in those moments when a person doesn’t work on a task or evaluation that has been assigned to them, something that is seen very frequently when using this type of services.

Also, and at an educational level, the idea is to provide the information to the students and for them to demonstrate what they learned, as well as the way in which they develop it as independent individuals so that when evaluating an essay made by another person, it is not possible has an approach to the information that the student may or may not have obtained.

Without Participating In Writing There Would Be No Learning!

Having said that, there is a very important fact to clarify, and that is that, as mentioned above, these websites not only allow a person to write an essay in full, but there is also the option of sending an essay written by oneself, and that they return few possible corrections or details to improve, as a teacher would. By using this option, the student is engaged in writing, and that could save him or her problems. The possibility of being condemned as cheating remains, though, for the reasons mentioned above.

So, Is Hiring Online Writing Services Is ethical or not?

Since using these types of services is considered cheating, it is not surprising that using them is unethical. That being said, there is no single reason for this. Yes, the first and most apparent is that it is not the student who is in charge of choosing, looking for information, analyzing it, and placing it in their own words, but rather that we must remember the fact that, behind each writing service, there is a group of people.

What does this have to do with ethics? Simple, because although they are paid a payment for their services, in some cases these people are given a very reduced time to work. Not only that but also, and due to the short periods of time available, some of the people may opt for plagiarism in the essays that result, having negative consequences on the student who used the service.

Be aware of fake online writing services on the internet.

If you want to hire an online writing service, please consider looking into the reviews first. After spending a week and evaluating more than 30 services, we have created the list of 10 best online essay writing services based on factors like quality, timely delivery, and years in the industry.

An example of one of the authentic online essay writing service

Pros & Cons of Online Writing Service


  • If selected a good writing service, can get a well-written, high-level piece of paper.
  • A good solution if you are unable to complete your work on time. Some services even offer 1 hour quick delivery
  • Best way to get your content checked by a professional of your desired field and qualification level.


  • Some online writing services commiting fraud and even providing low quality and plagiarized content.
  • Content could be biased (thoughts of another person instead of you).
  • Hiring someone to completely write something for higher academic projects might even result in low grading (if you are unable to defend your writing, mostly for thesis) and worse case scenerio of getting expelled. Remember you are solely responsible for your actions.

When To Consider An Online Writing Service?

Above, we were saying that how hiring someone to do a task that was meant for you only is considered cheating and unethical. However, there are a few exceptions to consider an online writing service when:

  • When you are stuck while writing something (at least you tried).
  • Your instructor won’t help you.
  • You were busy in something more important than your academics and now you are short on time and think you won’t submit your work on time.
  • You want to compare your level of writing with someone who is a professional.
  • If you have written something and want a professional to proofread and edit it.

Tip: Instead of asking someone to write my essays, write yourself and then ask online writing services or individuals on Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr to proofread and rewrite it for you. In this way, the article will contain your ideas and points but will have much-improved sentencing, grammar, vocabulary, as well as unnecessary things filtered out. This will be your work with your original ideas. Another advantage is that proofreading and editing are way cheaper than complete writing.

The Best Alternative To Online Writing Services

It’s simple.

Instead of them to do your work, ask them to help you do your work.

Other alternatives:

  • Your class fellows
  • Your teachers
  • Your friends
  • Your parents
  • Even the entire internet community (reddit, quora, facebook, twiiter and so on)

I hope that I have made it clear about hiring online writing services to write essays or other piece of information.