HMS Core 5.0 Releases With Six New Services Added

Today, Huawei quietly upgraded to HMS Core 5.0 from the previous 4.0, adding six new service capabilities, while improving positioning services and push services.

Huawei HMS Core 5.0 release

HMS Core 5.0 Changelog

The HMS Core 5.0 changes include:

  • Add audio, video, images, graphics engine, computer graphics, augmented reality engine capacity and other services
  • Location service: support network location crowdsourcing and fence management capabilities;
  • Push service: support LBS (location-based service), contextual push;
  • Optimize some service experience.

About HMS

HMS, also known as HUAWEI Mobile Services, is Huawei’s own service framework used to replace Google GMS services.

HMS Core is a collection of Huawei cloud services and mobile service open capabilities. It is a platform that provides basic services for application development.

It aggregates Huawei terminal core-end-cloud capabilities, including a full set of open HMS Apps, HMS Core, HMS Capabilities, HMS Connect, and corresponding development and testing IDE tools.

At the beginning of this year, Huawei launched HMS Core 4.0, adding a large number of new features, including Huawei accounts, payment, analysis, cloud space, and game services that have been in operation for many years.

In addition to advertising and positioning services that have been online for four months, new capabilities that developers have been waiting for for a long time, including machine learning services, context-awareness services, unified barcode scanning services, short-range communication services, panoramic services, security detection services, dynamic tag manager services, and online rapid identity verification services, location services, fast application services, digital rights services, sports health services, user identity services, etc., many of which also support the integration of Huawei core-end-cloud capabilities.

HMS Core – Main Highlights

  1. Global distribution: more than 170 countries and regions, covering 600 million users
  2. Cost-saving: free start, easy to use, from development to working, one-stop service experience
  3. Safe and credible: follow GAPP, GDPR, and local regulations
  4. Precise reach: 400 million monthly users live in the application market, and various push methods based on user behavior help precise marketing
  5. Developer Ecology: As of the beginning of this year, more than 55,000 apps have used HMS Core services, and more than 1.3 million registered developers worldwide

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