Honor Magic 3 & Honor Magic 4

Honor Magic 3/4 Image Version Upgrade | Better Image Processing

Honor has updated two best-selling phones, Honor Magic 3 and Honor Magic 4. The updated software versions allow both phones to be faster regarding camera modes. Now users can click photos, take videos and change modes faster. 

Release Highlights

  • The Honor Magic 3 series has been upgraded to
  • The camera setup has been increased by 25%; the camera switching modes have seen a 24.08% increase in speed
  • The Honor Magic 4 series has been upgraded to
  • The shutter speed increased by 70%, and the video frame is higher.
  • Optimization has been done in night scene video mode

Specifications of the Honor Magic 3

The Honor Magic 3 image processing version has been upgraded to It allows the camera start-up to be increased by 25%. Users can open the camera in the WeChat application 16.51% faster. Furthermore, users can change between camera and video modes at a 24.08% faster speed. 

Honor Magic 3 camera

Specifications of the Honor Magic 4

The Honor Magic 4 image version has been updated to with various changes. It has a 70& faster rate when it comes to shutter response. The imaging processing speed has also been increased by 72%. It allows users to take faster and better photos. Also, the video frame rate is higher. The night fireworks shooting effects and night video have also been optimized. So the phone will provide even better results regarding low-light photography.

Honor Magic 4

It feels good to know companies are taking care of even older phones and upgrading them. Do you think more companies should look forward to optimizing the camera. 

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)