How to Save on Ink for Your HP Printer

How to Save on Ink for Your HP Printer

If you own a printer like the HP Officejet Pro 8610, you probably find original ink outrageously expensive. A set of XL cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) from Hewlett-Packard costs around £150. Like other big brands, the company continues to charge high prices despite competition from independent brands. Discover five ways to spend less on ink in 2022.

1) Switch to Compatible

Non-original supplies from trustworthy companies perform as well as their brand-name counterparts. Thanks to rigorous testing, quality certification, and extended warranties, customers have peace of mind.

The HP 950xl 951xl combo pack ink cartridges from the Smart Ink store can help you save up to 90% per purchase. Five cartridges cost £19.99, while Hewlett-Packard charges around £200 for the same value. Imagine how much you would save every year!

2) Use Recycled Cartridges

No, we do not recommend refilling your own cartridges at home. This is inconvenient, messy, and extremely risky. DIY attempts often result in poor print quality, leaks, and even permanent damage to cartridges and printers. Eco-conscious customers have a much better solution — remanufactured products. These are great if you would like to decrease your expenses and impact the environment. Remanufactured cartridges are, essentially, recycled original supplies. They are reconditioned to function like new. 

This process is more complex than basic refilling. Every item is thoroughly tested and refurbished to make sure it works like new. This includes:

  • Emptying and cleaning;
  • Testing to reveal and fix any issues;
  • Replacing worn components;
  • Injecting fresh ink;
  • Testing to ensure excellent performance.

Remanufactured products are typically sold in the same shops as compatible ones. Savings vary, but you will still pay less compared to OEM prices.

3) Use Draft Mode

Not every print job requires the highest quality. Explore these settings of your printer to find this economical mode. As less ink is used, the output looks lighter, but it is still legible.

4) Switch to Reader View

The next time you need to print a web page, click on the Reader View button in the address bar. This mode removes all ads and distracting images, so you are guaranteed to use less ink.

Only some pages have this feature by default. You can install a dedicated Chrome extension that will turn any page into a light document. We recommend using ‘Just Read’ chrome extension which is lightweight and easy to use.

5) Change Fonts

Obviously, fonts require more ink when they are bold. However, their types are not created equal, either. Generally, documents typed in Arial require the highest amounts of ink. Times New Roman or Century Gothic are much more economical. You can find a full list of low-ink fonts online.

How to save on your ink in HP Printers

6) Decrease Resolution

Explore the settings of your HP printer to see if it is possible to change the resolution. The lower it is, the less ink is used. This feature is particularly useful when you need to print some drafts. Like the Draft mode, it has one disadvantage — you must remember to switch back to the normal settings for important print jobs. 

7) Print Less

The most obvious way to save on printer ink is to limit printing. Portable devices let you read documents from mobile screens on the go. Save them to the PDF mode to open on your iPad or smartphone wherever you are. PDF is secure and universal. It is recognized by all operating systems. 

Saving your ink on hp printers

Where to Buy Ink

Buying OEM supplies is a no-brainer — you just go to the official HP site and place an order. With compatible and recycled goods, you will need to do some initial research. Due to the high demand for cheap ink, this market attracts fly-by-night companies. 

Google the name of your shop to find out as much as possible about its reputation and background. Do not rely on testimonials on the official site. Look for feedback in independent sources, such as the Trustpilot platform.  Make sure you will be provided with:

  • Products of certified quality (compliant with global standards);
  • 2-year warranty;
  • The updated version of the chip (your printer may fail to recognize the product otherwise);
  • Free shipping across the UK;
  • 24/7 support by email, live chat, phone (some providers are also present on social media);
  • Ink level tracking (useful but optional);
  • XL or XXL volume (so you get a higher page yield for the same money).

These are simple but effective precautions. Find a supplier with excellent products, and save money for years. Third-party cartridges are completely legal and safe if you shop smartly. By choosing products with a lower price, a higher volume, certified quality, and warranty, you will spend less without sacrificing print efficiency. Why pay more?