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Huami Amazfit AirRun Review | A 1.5HP Xiaomi WalkingPad Alternative

Recently, in CES 2020, Huami released a couple of products in which was the first treadmill by Huami known as Huami Amazfit AirRun categorized in super-large running portable treadmills, minimalist modern design, JBL customized speakers, smart wearables connection and other functions. The most convenient aspect is that it can unfold and set up in 5 seconds, so it is convenient to store. What is it really like to use this treadmill? Let’s do the Huami Amazfit AirRun review and see if the first attempt by Huami is really worth spending 2699 Yuan ($381 USD) or not:

Huami Amazfit AirRun Review – A 1 HP Foldable Treadmill

Huami Amazfit AirRun Review – Specs Sheet

ProductAmazfit AirRun
DisplayLED Segment Display
Speed Range1.0 – 15 KM/H
Power1.5 HP
SoundJBL custom full-range speakers x 2
Weight limit100 Kg
DimensionsDimensions: 1590 x 810 x 1250mm
Folded size: 1590 x 810 x 245mm
Running belt size: 1300 x 500mm
Weight63 Kg
Heart RateSimultaneously display heart rate data from external devices (wearables)

Huami Amazfit AirRun Review – Design & Appearance

Starting the Huami Amazfit AirRun review with the design and appearance, Amazfit AirRun is designed to be installation-free, ready to use after unboxing, and the set up is very convenient. Huami advertises it to use within 5 seconds of unfolding. After folding, it can stand up against the wall or place in the corner, storage room, etc., so that it won’t occupy that much space and is a good option for people who have very limited room space. In comparison to Xiaomi WalkingPad Treadmill, the portability isn’t that great, since the treadmill is almost 2x the size of the trending C1 WalkingPad and 3x heavier than the C1. However, we do get much better performance out of this and the beautiful large LED display and armrest.

First impression
First impression

The bottom of the treadmill has a silicone roller which makes this 63 Kg treadmill moveable. The rollers are also rotatable so that you don’t have to lift the entire treadmill.

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On one side, there are firm footpads.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Review - Stickpad

The whole body of Amazfit AirRun is coated with metallic effect paint, and almost no exposed parts can be seen on the surface of the chassis. The wide running platform looks quite smooth and can easily be integrated into various home environments.


One of the highlights of the treadmill is the glorious LED display screen present at the top, much larger than the one on Xiaomi Walkingpad treadmills. One can view heart rate, time, distance, hourly speed, APP prompts, and other information on the display.

LEc display

Above the center of the display is a smartphone bracket. The bracket plate has a certain viscidity and a large friction force, which avoids the phone from falling while running on the treadmill.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Review - phone bracket

The whole interface around the screen gives this treadmill a futuristic approach. On the left is the power button with a green LED outline when turned on. Meanwhile, on the right is the rectangular speed adjustment buttons marked + and – to increase and decrease the speed respectively. Apart from its management from the buttons, one can also use the app to control the treadmill.

Another selling point of this portable treadmill is the ease it provides in maintaining this treadmill. After turning on, it automatically checks the status of the treadmill and once the treadmill reaches scheduled maintenance mileage, it will issue a reminder, so you won’t have to worry about missing scheduled maintenance. This feature is yet to come and will be added after the software update.

At the back, we have the power cord and power button.


The oil pot and maintenance tools are built into the rear corners protected with a cover.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Review – App Review

As I said that you can control the Huami Amazfit AirRun without the use of a smartphone. However, you can also control it via Huami’s wearables App which is called ‘Amazfit APP‘ and is available on both Android and iOS devices and supports multi-languages.

Amazfit APP

So the people who are already using Huawei Amazfit health wearables already are familiar with this app. Moreover, apart from controlling the AirRun via App, the app also enables interaction between the smartwatch and the treadmill.


Amazfit AirRun can display real-time heart rate data of Amazfit series smart wearable devices and Xiaomi Mi Band series, simultaneously. Currently supported devices include Amazfit Bip Watch Youth Edition, Bip bracelet, GTR, GTS, and other products. Apart from the Xiaomi and Huami, there’s no device supported at the moment for HR monitoring. Huami mentions that they will provide more supported devices in the upcoming software update.


How to Show Heart Rate On The LED Display of Huami Amazfit AirRun?

Before starting a run, first, open the Amazfit APP to ensure that the watch/bracelet and treadmill are connected, and then start “indoor running” in the APP to use the wearable to record heart rate and display heart rate data on the treadmill in real-time.

If you want the treadmill display to show the heart rate, you can first open the Amazfit APP and turn on “Sports Heart Rate Broadcast” on the watch/bracelet device page. Before each run, start “Indoor Running” on the watch/bracelet, and then start running on the treadmill. The heart rate recorded on the wrist device will be sent to the treadmill by Bluetooth connection and displayed in real-time.

How The Speakers Are Connected?

It is worth mentioning that Amazfit AirRun has two built-in JBL custom full-range speakers. They have an excellent loud, high bass sound, perfect dynamic response, and ultra-low distortion so that the user won’t need to use headphones.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Review - Speakers JBL

The speakers of the treadmill have an independent Bluetooth module and can be paired with the smartphone’s Bluetooth module. Both the app/watch interaction and speakers can be run simultaneously.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Review – Hardware & Running Experience

Continuing the Huami Amazfit AirRun review, mostly, when some treadmills on the market are promoted by the width of their running belts, they also include the edge to confuse the audience. The Amazfit AirRun that we reviewed and experienced honestly emphasized that its pure running belt width is 500mm excluding the edges. This specification is almost close to the level of a commercial treadmill. Be aware that many treadmills running belts on the market are still around 400mm wide.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Review - Belt

The length of the running belt is 1300mm. At the same time, the supporting sunken motor design reduces the space occupation, makes the effective running range wider, and simulates the feeling of outdoor running.

belt 1

It is worth mentioning that Amazfit AirRun uses a non-slip and wear-resistant diamond-patterned running belt to increase friction, and there are anti-skid edges on both sides to ensure the safety and comfort of the running process.


A total of 8 shock absorbers are installed between the Amazfit AirRun running board and the mainframe. When running at full speed I haven’t felt any obvious recoil and secondary recoil.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Review - Running Experience

This is because the impact force is released one by one after passing through the 8 shock absorbers, landing all the way smoothly, and the running board hardness is just right. This can not only make the machine run smoothly, maintain stable running feedback but also slow rebound can protect the knee from damage.

Most of the people who go to the gym and do cardio, ignore the most important aspect of a home designed treadmill which is the noise. Since the gym is a noisy place, while a home is a quiet place, the noise generated by a treadmill matter. Since the motors and the belt have a smooth running as long as you oil properly and timely, they don’t have any loud noise. The noise generated while running is the major problem for most treadmills. This is where the 8 shock absorbers of the AirRun play their role in noise reduction. Though the armrest area shakes a little bit while running and holding it, however, the main body remains steady.

running experience

Thanks to the wide diamond-shaped rubber belt and 8 shock absorbers, the running experience on this treadmill is way ahead of any Xiaomi WalkingPad treadmills and close to a commercial treadmill but with better stability and low noise.

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Huami Amazfit AirRun Review – Interface Experience

Like I previously said, Amazfit AirRun uses a minimalist three-key control. These three buttons have everything under control. Let’s talk about the functions of each button:

First comes the LED rectangular button:

  1. Press this key when the power is on, the system enters a countdown of 3 seconds, and the treadmill starts to run at a speed of 1 km / h.
  2. Short press this button during running to pause the running of the treadmill; after pressing this button again, the system enters a 3-second countdown, and the treadmill will gradually return to the speed which was set before the pause.
  3. Long press this key during running to stop operation
Power button

Second, comes the + button:

  • As the name implies, pressing this button will increase the running speed of the treadmill; its adjustment value is 0.1 km/s.
  • If you keep pressing it for more than 0.5 seconds, it will automatically continue to increase.
Huami Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Review - Speed Buttons

Last but not least is the – button:

  • Pressing this button will reduce the running speed of the treadmill; its adjustment range is 0.1 km/s
  • When it is continuously pressed for more than 0.5 seconds, it automatically continues to decrease the speed

Like most professional treadmills, the AirRun comes with an emergency stop feature. Below the LED screen, one can see the red colored ‘Stop’ button.

  • Press the red “Stop” button during exercise, the running machine will slow down until it stops. The operation method to resume movement is to press the “Stop” button again to unlock, and then press the “Start” button again to resume movement.
  • Use a clipper with a safety rope. If the safety rope is pulled during operation (such as accidental fall, etc.), the machine will stop and lock the button operation. If you need to continue to exercise, pull the safety rope again to unlock it, and then press the “Start” button on the left again to resume movement.

The difference between the two is that after the “STOP” button is triggered, the running belt will gradually slow down; and after pulling the safety rope, the running belt will suddenly stop, then quickly lose power and stop running.

In terms of storage, Amazfit AirRun is quite beautiful. Officials say it supports true full folding, saving about 80% of space in 5 seconds. Specifically, Amazfit AirRun adopts the linkage design of armrests and buttons. No tools are needed to set it up. The switch device after pulling the armrests folds down. It takes only 5 seconds to complete the folding of the machine with bare hands. It can be placed under the bed, table. It’s just like a yoga mat, it is spread out when in use and folded when not in use.

Huami Amazfit AirRun Treadmill Review - Folding Up

Our Verdict

Concluding the Huami Amazfit AirRun review, though this is the first attempt by Huami in the treadmill line-up, yet, the AirRun doesn’t appear to be like one. It’s brilliantly designed where the greatest highlight is its foldable design which saves 80% of the space when folded within 5 seconds.

Compared with the WalkingPad series by Xiaomi,  this treadmill is on a whole new level thanks to the 1300mm × 500mm super-large running belt with a diamond-patterned and soft rubber edge which is anti-skid and wear-resistant, and the sunken motor design which gives the feeling of outdoor running experience.  It’s much powerful than the WalkingPad series and has an armrest and a gorgeous LED display with three rectangular streamline keys surrounding it.


The minimalist modern design with metallic color suits most environments.  JBL custom speaker enables audio on this treadmill via Bluetooth. Huami Amazfit app allows linkage between Huami and Xiaomi smart wearables and the treadmill itself. We don’t know what else you need in a portable treadmill under $400.

It is worth noting that in terms of safety, Amazfit AirRun is again better than most commercial treadmills, especially under the $400 price tag. The stop button rope and the quick stop button ensures the basic safety, and the 8 shock absorbers eliminate the impact when falling, protects from knee damage, and also reduces the noise while running.

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So, yes! As a personal treadmill that occupies the least space while giving the best performance, easiest setup, and wide running experience, Huami Amazfit AirRun is what we recommend. If you are slightly low on budget or want a much portable treadmill without armrest and LED display, then the Xiaomi WalkingPad A1, C1, and A1 Pro are recommended.

I’ll select Amazfit AirRun if I want:

  • More power and speed (feel that WalkingPad series is underpowered)
  • Wider running space
  • Armrest support
  • Premium features like built-in speakers, dedicated HR display, etc.
  • Best durability in any Xiaomi or Huawei treadmills

Price & Availability of Huami Amazfit AirRun

In China, Amazfit AirRun has been officially launched for sale on March 31, with a starting price of 2699 yuan ($381 USD). Meanwhile, global availability is still in question. We will inform you here once the treadmill is available for global purchases. We expect the price to be around $460 to $580 for international purchases. So stay tuned and bookmark this Huami Amazfit AirRun review! Any question? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credits: My Driver (Chinese)

LEc display
Huami Amazfit AirRun Review | A 1.5HP Xiaomi WalkingPad Alternative
Amazfit AirRun is the best budget-friendly portable treadmill under $400 and the first choice when it comes to the running experience on a portable treadmill which is close to a commercial treadmill. The wider belt, more power, and LED screen/armrest are what makes it a better choice over the Xiaomi walking pad series.
Design & Appearance
Set up
Supported Devices
Running Experience
Reader Rating11 Votes
Excellent Price
Minimalistic Modern Design
Large Belt (1300mm x 500mm)
JBL custom speakers with separate Bluetooth module
App and wearable connection
Good Safety features (stop button, emergency stop rope/clip, 8 shock absorbers)
Highly portable
Incredibly Large LED display
Automatic Maintenance Prompts (to be added in Update)
Armrest slightly shakes while running at high speed
Supported wearables are only Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit Bip and Amazfit Cor (at the moment)
real-time HR prompt on LED display only supported by Huami/Xiaomi Wearables
Total Rating
  1. Looks like this is the most simple and cost effective treadmill with some special features installed. Looks like it can be linked to Zwift Virtual Run apps. Amazing. Any more upgraded version of this model ie Amazfit Air Run Pro or 2 in future ? Software further upgradeing to pair more wearable device such Apple Watch or Samsung Watch ?

    1. Chinese devices rarely provide any support for 3rd party apps especially if the app is of their competitors and that’s common for the international brands as well. Moreover, I haven’t seen any new version of this or any new release after this. It’s the best Huami as to offer right now.

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