Huawei Harmony OS 4 Updates | Exciting Personalizations

Huawei has announced some new and significant updates regarding the Harmony OS 4 at the Huawei Developer Conference 2023. The latest update of the software will bring some major redesigns that will give some amazing personalization options to the users. It will be running on Smartphones, TVs, cars, and much more. 

Release Highlights

  • The Harmony OS 4 will be powered by over 700 million devices including smartphones, TVs, cars, and much more
  • Users can select emoji wallpaper for both the home screen and lock screen
  • It has options for animated emoji options
  • The lock screen can be set with a real-time updated weather option
  • It has application priority for notifications, allowing users to interact without opening the app
  • A pill-shaped icon like Apple’s Dynamic Island has also been added (will be supported by limited applications as of now)
  • It will come with a wider range of widgets that allows files transfer between Harmony OS-supported devices
  • The Ark Engine promises 20% better performance while saving battery.

Specifications of the Harmony OS 4

The home screen will be filled with customizations, never seen on smartphones before. Users can change system fonts, its colors, the clock, and widget styles. There will be multiple combinations pre-installed and users can also customize them to their liking. Moreover, users can even select their favorite emoji as the wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen, 


The update of Huawei Harmony OS 4 will come with animated options for the emojis. It will also have Panorama weather, which allows consumers to set daily forecasts on the lock screen. The weather is updated with real-time changes. 

The notification center is now much more sophisticated so you never miss an important update. Users can set preferences on which apps can display the notifications first. Furthermore, users can pin their favorite applications on the top. It allows them to interact with the application directly without opening the app. 

Huawei has taken on the Dynamic Island by Apple. As for now, it only supports only a limited number of applications. It can display real-time alerts and notifications in a pill-shaped icon. The icon stays on the corner and can be expanded with a single tap to open the application. 


Widgets in Harmony OS 4

Huawei has added a number of exciting new widgets, that support an even wider selection of apps and utilities. The widgets come in various sizes that can be set on the home screen. In addition, it has a super transfer station system, that allows users to stack multiple files, text, and images. Users can also transfer them between apps and Harmony OS-supported devices. 

The Harmony OS runs on the Ark Engine which promises 20% better performance than the last generation. It draws less power and supports smoother app openings. The security of the OS has also been improved, tracking permissions for applications, restricting access to personal information, and app installs warnings to prevent malware. 

Supported Devices for Harmony OS 4

The public beta version of the latest software is available on a wide range of Huawei devices.

  • Mate50 series
  • P60 series
  • Mate X3
  • P40
  • Mate 30
  • Nova 9
  • Nova 10

The latest update looks promising as it will increase the usability of the 700 million devices across the border. Have you signed up for the public beta, and what is your favorite update?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)