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Huawei Honor 10 Sales Exceeds 1 Million in Less Than A Month

Huawei released Honor 10 on April 27. Today, Huawei Vice President ‘Zhao Ming’ announced that Huawei Honor 10 sales in China exceed 1 Million, even before completing the first month. Thus, we can say that:

Honor 10 is the fastest selling flagship in the Honor series!

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Huawei Honor 10 – The Secret Behind Its Success!

The two highlights of the phone serve as the selling points of Huawei Honor 10. First is the stunning design and second is the high-end hardware.

Secret No.1 (Design & Appearance) – The Color-Changing Aurora Back

On the front, we have the full-screen design similar to Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, with a much compact top notch. Meanwhile, the magic lies at the rear. The back is a curved glass and uses a color-changing aurora coating process. The official states that it takes time to build a smartphone with a back shell reflecting everchanging colors aurora. Moreover, the color choices are also wide: Black, phantom blue, phantom purple, dull gray.

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Secret No.2 (Hardware & Features) – The Same P20 / Mate 10  Hardware But At a Much Better Price

Though Huawei P series were somewhat expensive (Huawei P20 Pro exceeding $1000), However, the specs-to-price ratio was seemingly great. However, in Huawei Honor 10, we almost get the same high-end specs at a better price. Even the specs-to-price ratio is way better than Mate 10 and P20 / P20 Pro.

Honor10 integrates a 5.84-inch 2280×1080 display equipped with a Kirin 970 processor. The SoC is based on a 10-nm process and is composed of a Cortex A73×4 + Cortex A53×4. The GPU is a Mali-G72 MP12. A  3400mAh non-removable battery powers Honor 10 supporting 5V/4.5A fast charge and runs on EMUI 8.1 (Android 8.1) OS. There’s no denying that the hardware and performance (AnTuTu score: 213,000 points) is the same as in Mate 10 and P20 / P20 Pro.

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The change comes with the camera configuration. Huawei Honor 10 rear dual camera (24 MP + 16 MP, f 1.8) is slightly better than P20 (20 MP + 12MP, f 1.8) but lower than Huawei P20 Pro triple rear camera (40 MP + 12 MP + 8 MP, f 1.7). Huawei P20 is slightly expensive than Honor 10, even it’s camera performance is slightly lower than Honor 10. Meanwhile, the rear 24MP selfie-shooter is almost the same in these three flagships.

Huawei Honor 10 is below 500 USD, meanwhile, Huawei P20 is above 500 USD and P20 Pro is even much expensive exceeding 1000 USD. So the most perfect phone regarding price-over-performance ratio is Honor 10, which is the top reason for its enormous sales.\

Let’s see if the flagship sales can reach the 10 M spot, this year.

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