Huawei Honor Note 10 is Here – 7″ HDR 10 Display, Dual Turbo, 8GB RAM

On July 31, Huawei released a gigantic 7-inch phablet known as Huawei Honor Note 10. The phone can be easily held with one hand. Furthermore, the back is made of 2.5D glass, using metal oxide nano-plating, reflecting two colors of phantom blue and magic night black, and the value is outstanding.


Huawei Honor Note 10 uses a generous 6.95-inch AMOLED Full-screen display. Not only the screen is large but it is also called “IMAX Theater in Hand”. Why? Because it supports the HDR10 format, making the colors more vivid and live. Apart from this, there’s the symmetrical dual speaker, professional surround sound field, support Dolby panoramic sound.

The Honor Note 10, no doubt, provides the best 7-inch display for a stunning multimedia experience.

Huawei Honor 10 speakers

Concerning the configuration, similar to Huawei Honor 10, P20, and Mate 10, the new Note 10 runs on the high-end Kirin 970 SoC. The interesting aspect is the 8GB + 128GB memory combined with the latest GPU Turbo technology update. All this is powered by a massive 5000mAh battery.

AnTuTu Score: 213,381 (might differ slightly)

The Note 10 is the first phone which enables Turbo mode for both the CPU and the GPU

In addition to GPU Turbo technology, Glory Note 10 is also equipped with CPU Turbo. With the dedicated Turbo button, one-button can open the background intelligent cleaning, let the CPU continue to run in the ultimate performance state, focus resources to stimulate the ultimate capacity of smartphones.

Huawei Honor Note 10 SoC

One might expect a lot of heat dissipation from the high-end specs, but Honor Note 10 is also equipped with THE NINE liquid cooling technology. It’s a PC-grade liquid cooling tube. Furthermore, it’s the official introduction of liquid cooling tube longitudinally through the hot zone and cold zone, with 9-layer three-dimensional heat dissipation, the heat dissipation capacity of the whole machine is increased by 41%, and the CPU can be lowered by up to 10 °C.

Huawei Honor Note 10 Cooling Tube

In addition, Honor Note 10 also added features such as a screen-out display, NFC, face unlock, travel reminder, accompanying translation, and the voice assistant.

Huawei Honor Note 10 – Price & Availability

The pricing of the different variants of the flagship is as follow:

  • Standard version (6GB + 64GB) for 2799 Yuan (412 USD / 353 Euros)
  • Higher version (6GB + 128GB) for 3199 Yuan (471 USD / 403 Euros)
  • Exclusive version (8GB + 128GB) for 3599 yuan (530 USD / 453 Euros)


You can also purchase it globally from international Chinese stores such as Aliexpress and Gearbest. Here’s the link to the store offering Huawei Honor Note 10 best price on the internet.

Note: The 4GB version is not confirmed. At least enquire from the seller about it before buying.