Huawei Honor Trademarks

Huawei Registers Trademarks Honor 10X, 20X, 30X… For Future Naming

The Honor new flagship 9X has been officially announced and is scheduled to release in Xi’an on July 23. Leaks say that the phone is equipped with Kirin 810 chip, using a pop-up lifting front camera design. Meanwhile, shifting the audience towards Honor 9X, Huawei is registering trademarks at the back. After investigation, Huawei has registered trademarks such as Honor 10X, 20X, 30X, 40X, 50X. This proves that the Honor X series product line has a long life planning, and the future naming method is also a reference to the numbers.

Huawei Trademarks Registering Honor 10X 20X 30X 40X 50X

Let’s see if Honor 10X will be equipped with “Kirin 820” continuing to Honor 50X with “Kirin 850 or 860”.

Back to the Honor conference, it is said that in addition to Honor 9X, there will be a big smart HonorTV as well. We will be covering the event, so stay tuned!

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