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Huawei Liquid Lens Patent Reveals – No More Blurry Pictures!

Recently, Huawei released a Liquid Lens Patent which will be featured inside the next year’s Huawei P50 series. Huawei Liquid Lens has been rumored for a long time, and finally, it’s official.

It is worth noting that this may also be a unique configuration on a certain model of the series, but not the entire series.

According to the patent, the liquid lens used in phones is an electric liquid lens, which can change the shape of the liquid through different voltages to control the focused imaging. 

Huawei Liquid Lens Patent 2

A big advantage of this technology is that it can focus quickly, even reaching the focusing speed of the human eye.

Focusing is one of the essentials of taking pictures and a fast and stable focus guarantees clear and beautiful pictures.

Huawei Liquid Lens Patent

In addition, this Huawei Liquid Lens can also have imaging stability, eliminating the additional hardware requirements and smaller footprints produced by TOF lenses, so better management of camera space.

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