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Huawei Nova 2 / Nova 2 Plus EMUI 8.0 Update – Based on Android 8.0

Little by little more devices join the Android 8 ecosystem, either through a pure installation or through the customized layers of each company. On April 24, Huawei announced that its models Huawei Nova 2 and Nova 2 Plus already have the possibility of being updated to EMUI 8.0 (the company’s custom layer based on Android 8). To do this, users should simply go to “Member Services” > “Services” > Upgrade Application “, in this way they will receive the notification to update the system.

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Huawei Nova 2 / Nova 2 Plus EMUI 8.0 Update – New features

The models that can be updated to the most recent EMUI 8.0 are nova 2 full Netcom PIC-AL00, nova 2 mobile PIC-AL00, nova 2 Plus full Netcom BAC-AL00, nova 2 Plus mobile BAC-TL00.

The update to EMUI 8.0 includes the new portrait mode, Augmented Reality, new operating shortcuts, the new split-screen option with a single button, among other options and unique features of Android 8.

Huawei nova 2-nova 2 plus EMUI 8.0

In the new portrait mode, the camera will automatically blur the surroundings, focusing only on people’s faces. In this way, the terminal will get remarkable photos where people stand out on the backgrounds. It can also automatically adjust skin tones, has a 3-dimensional rendering system and a new beauty setting.

As for the new shortcuts, it consists of pressing for a short moment the app’s icon so that a series of basic functions appear in it.

Additionally, the new version of the system incorporates the long-awaited split-screen feature with a single button, which allows the Huawei Nova 2 / Nova 2 Plus to divide the screen into several segments at the same time. For example, you can see a video on the top of the screen while you chat at the bottom of it with another app.