Huawei P60 Renders Reveal No Bezels At All & Amazing Camera

Previously, Huawei announced at the developer conference that it will bring the HarmonyOS 4.0 system next year. If all goes well, maybe the P60 will be the first launch.

Now the renderings of the Huawei P60 appear again. Generally speaking, the proportion of the front side is very high, and the changes are basically on the back and the shape of the main camera on the back changes.

Huawei P60 renders

From the new picture, the Huawei P60 series is still designed with double rings in Vientiane, but this time the double rings are partly stacked, and the placement of the lens is also rather peculiar. The camera in the upper ring is vertical, and in the lower ring Yes, the camera and flash are arranged horizontally.

The biggest change is on the front, with the dual cameras in the center, one of which is likely to be a wide-angle lens, which will have a more prominent performance in a selfie.

It is reported that the Huawei P60 series may use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, but still does not support 5G, as for the main camera, the Huawei P60 series may use a large bottom sensor, will also use the new 64MP telephoto program, and equipped with Huawei Mate 50 on the first variable aperture and Huawei XMAGE self-research imaging platform.

In addition, there is news that the P60 may be replaced with a very powerful screen, possibly using the Huaxing photoelectric released in June this year, a screen technology called “equal height Gaussian quad curved surface“, the four corners are almost close to the sphere, the bezel is almost visually hidden.

Huawei logo

Source ( Mydrivers, in Chinese )