Huawei Router A2 Released As World’s First NFC Touch Router!

A better way to connect to a router is NFC!

Today, in addition to MatePad Pro, Huawei MateBook D 15-inches, and Huawei Smart TV 75-inches, Huawei also released the Huawei Router A2 – the world’s first one-touch NFC router.

Why is The NFC Concept Developed in Huawei Router A2?

In the past, most of the connection routes were password-free, scan code, etc., which was not convenient enough. The router A2 brings a new way of connecting which is the highly secure NFC connection. Touch the phone on the router and you are connected to the network. This makes accessing much faster than the old password typing method.

How does it work?

It is reported that the A2 router supports NFC function which works as follows:

  1. Unlock your phone
  2. Opens NFC
  3. Touches the top of the router
  4. Connect to Wi-Fi without entering a password

Huawei Router A2 – The Future Wireless Router

Hardware & Connectivity

In terms of hardware configuration, Huawei Routing A2 is equipped with a 1.4GHz CPU, with three Wi-FI chips (one 2.4GHz, two 5GHz) and six independent signal amplifiers. Four high-performance antennas greatly improve signal transmission power and receiving sensitivity, enabling easy coverage of medium and large units, as well as Huawei’s Wi-Fi chip and LDPC weak signal error correction algorithm for strong buckling and stronger anti-interference performance.

Huawei Router A2 Front

The A2 provides frequency bands of 2.4GHz, 5GHz (low-frequency band) and 5GHz (high-frequency band), supports three-band integration, and the wireless rate is up to 2134 Mbps. The device automatically connects to the better frequency band and evenly distributes 5GHz devices to two 5GHz devices. Moreover, the frequency band realizes load balancing and guarantees multiple connections. With the full Gigabit Ethernet port for the fiber optics cable connectivity.

Huawei Router A2 Back

Features & Security

Besides, the A2 supports low-latency service acceleration, which makes multi-service parallelism smoother, including smartphone acceleration (Huawei smartphone, EMUI 9.0 and above), network class acceleration, and IoT exclusive channel acceleration.

Huawei Router A2 Top

Considering the security, Huawei supports seven types of protection: Wi-Fi anti-brute force crack, Wi-Fi access authorization, smart device safe, green Internet access, and provide Internet protection, anti-DOS/DDOS attacks, black and white list.

Huawei Router A2 Bottom

HiLink devices are free to connect and prevent cracking. They support wireless networking, network cable networking, and wireless network cable networking. After networking, multiple routes are automatically unified into one Wi-Fi name.

Price & Availability

The price of Huawei Router A2 is 399 yuan (57 USD). Currently, it’s available in China at VMall. We will provide you the link to the store for global purchase when it will be available. Stay tuned!