i12 TWS Airpods Review | Is It A Good AirPods Clone? | Pros & Cons

In the market we have a wide repertoire of Bluetooth headphones, but without a doubt, it was Apple that hit the table with its AirPods. A product designed for users of brand products and also compatible with Android or Windows computers. Although its market is large and potential, the high selling price is often prohibitive for many buyers. Multiple Asian brands piled up to make clones of the AirPods with mixed results. The i12 TWS is one of the best alternatives on the market and at a very affordable price, and we’ll see them in this i12 TWS Airpods Review.

Note: These clones are for the audience looking for a copy of Airpods to showoff. By no means they can compete with the originals. There are way more better options in terms of Chinese earbuds if you don’t want to be have the same design of AirPods, but instead a much unique and comfortable design, and way better sound than the original AirPods itself. See these QCY T5, Edifier TWS1 Pro, and FIIL T1 Lite review.

Is It A Good AirPods Clone_ | Pros & Cons

i12 TWS Airpods Review – Is It A Perfect Apple AirPods Clone?

i12 TWS Airpods Review – Specs Sheet

Modeli12 TWS
Dimension5.40 x 4.40 x 1.50 cm / 2.13 x 1.73 x 0.59 inches
Weight0.0800 kg
Bluetooth versionv 5.0
Range10 meters
Standby1-5 days
Battery Life2 to 3 hours on a single charge ( lithium-ion 300mAh)
Frequency20 – 20000Hz

i12 TWS Airpods Review – Design and Appearance

One of the most attractive clones, along with its features and price, is that the i12 TWS. Airpods share a good number of functions and with anesthetics practically identical to the originals. Inside these headphones we have the batteries and connection chips, but they lose the optical sensors of the AirPods for in ear detection, so they do not disconnect when we remove them or turn on when we insert to our ears.

With an identical design line, the headphones turn out to be comfortable, light, and with a support to avoid accidental falls. The i12 TWS headphones support movements very well, they can even be used for sports activities such as running or weight training. They present the characteristic white color of the original model, also in the charging box.

Similar to the AirPods, the plastic design especially the eartip section isn’t comfortable at all. For a better fit and comfort either try the AirPods Pro copies or the Chinese earbuds with silicon or foam eartips. Moreover, I personally believe that the complete in-ear design is much better than the half in ear or stalk design.

Anyways, the design is the greatest highlight of the product, since it is a 1:1 copy afterall. But don’t expect anything more from it.

i12 TWS Airpods Review – Design and Appearance

i12 TWS Airpods Review – How Do They Work?

The recent i12 TWS offers more advanced signal stability than previous models, especially the i7S TWS. Another novelty is that both headphones work independently. There is no longer a master and a slave, but each earphone works separately. This is because each one includes the battery, BT chip, and a microphone, with an autonomous operation of each earphone.

To perform certain controls do not press the sunken part that we find in the trunk. If not, the black part. This is where the touch sensor is located that will allow us to change songs or pause the music at any time, for example. You can look at the instruction book that comes by default. But, if you want to check how they work before buying them, we leave you a list of the most used commands.

Note: i12 AirPods comes with many names and models under the same name. Since it isn’t a registered trademark or name, every Chinese company make them and as a result you see i12 TWS, InPods i12, and so on. So each of them has different operations. The one which I reviewed is the i12 TWS from Aliexpress. The controls are as follow:

  • Pause or play a song: a tap on the right or left earphone.
  • Answer or hang up a call: a tap on the right or left handset.
  • Next song: two taps any headset.
  • Rewind song: three taps any headset.
  • Activate voice assistant (Google Assistant or Siri): press and hold.

They do have in-built LED light to indicate the status.

  • Blink blue slowly>>>Connected
  • Blink red slowly>>>Low on battery
  • Blink blue and red alternately>>>Pairing mode

In case you have doubts about how to make these headphones work and want an in-depth instructions, we recommend you take a look at their Step-By-Step Charging & Pairing Instructions.

How Do They Work?

i12 TWS Airpods Review – Battery

The autonomy of the wireless headphones is vital to consider to be just fine given that earbuds these days delivery from 2 to 7 hours of battery in the same price range.. With the i12 TWS we are talking about up to 2 hours of autonomy at a high rate. If we listen to music at low volume or podcasts we could reach almost 3 hours. Regarding capacity, we find 300mAh in the charging case and about 34mAh in each earphone. They are also one of the first models to incorporate charging via lightning cable (famous for Apple devices).

i12 TWS Airpods Review – More Characteristics

As we have advanced, the i12 TWS adapt well to the ear and remain well attached to the ear. However, the sound insulation is not as good as it does not have silicone eartips. They are made of plastic, with a robust construction but it is not waterproof. For the cheap price of this AirPod clone, you can’t ask for much more.

Employ Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to pair i12 TWS to any device. Multifunction touch controls are also compatible with Android. The response time is much lower, with a much less pronounced delay in playing videos. Each headphone has a microphone for assistants or the hands-free function, whose sound quality is more refined with greater clarity.

i12 TWS Airpods Review – The Sound

Like I said at the start, these are cheap copies of Airpods so don’t expect amazing sound from them. The sound is nowhere near the original Airpods. It’s something what you would find in cheap Chinese earbuds, and from cheap, I mean really cheap. For the audience who love bass, there’s a good news as these tiny copies have a lot of bass, a good thump, but at the sacrifice of details and the overall sound quality. 

Apart from the airy bass which distorts music on higher volume, the overall experience is just mediocre including the mids, the highs, and the lows, all generating a flat sound experience.

Pros & Cons


  • They have Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • They have a charger casing that is the storage case itself.
  • The battery is long-lasting and its recharging process is fast compared to other similar headphones.
  • It has a touch function, from this you can control the sound reproduction, the intensity and you can skip ahead, skip songs, among other functions such as the option to answer calls.


  • Despite being sports headphones, their ear cushions present certain problems of grip on the ear, so they can fall off and can be a little bothersome, causing slight pain in the ear shell.
  • You cannot demand the same sound quality as more expensive ones.


Fortunately for the buyers there are many options in the online market where you can get these headphones. Some portals are more expensive than others, however, in most cases they are available at an affordable price. Concerning their market price, these wireless and smart headphones are available in the AliExpress online store next to an incredible price of $6 to $14.62. Here are the best stores offering the best prices.

User Complaints

  • Disconnecting frequently
  • Left or right earbud not working after a few days or month (quality issues)
  • Unable to find proper guidelines on operating them (many models, different instructions)

Our Verdict

Honestly, as a super cheap copies of Airpods they are okay. But please, not get high hopes from these in terms of sound, connectivity, and overall features. They already pay off because of their price. Certain models even start from 6 USD. Yet, there are some models which aren’t quite durable. So, I do suggest that if you go buying these, buy from Amazon because of their customer-friendly refund policy.

You can also see some other Apple AirPods Pro and 2nd generation alternatives in our below articles.

I hope you loved the i12 TWS review. Want to know anything about i12 TWS, let us know in the comments.


Are i12 airpods?

i12 are not the real AirPods made by Apple, but they can be considered as a 1:1 replica of the original AirPods.

Are i12 airpods real?

No, i12 airpods are not the real AirPods. They are a cheap copy of them.

Are i12 airpods fake?

Yes, they are fake or to say ‘cheap Apple AirPods copies’.

Are i12 waterproof?

No, they are not waterproof.

Are i12 airpods made by apple?

No, i12 airpods are not made by Apple but instead made by different Chinese manufacturers including inPods.

Are i12 airpods good?

For the price, they are good for the purpose of ‘showing off’ and touch controls. However, in terms of sound, battery, and connectivity, they are not better than the AirPods and not even better than most Chinese earbuds.

Can i12 connect to android?

Yes, they can connect to Android OS and Android phones.

Can i12 connect to laptop?

Yes, they can connect to laptops including Macs and Windows.

Can i12 connect to iPhone?

Yes, they can connect to iOS and iPhone.

Can i12 connect to iPad?

Yes, since iPad uses iOS and has bluetooth. They can be connected to it.

Do i12 airpods have a mic?

Yes, Airpods have a mic which an average sound quality.

Does i12 tws have wireless charging?

No, the i12 tws doesn’t support wireless charging.

i12 TWS Airpods Review | Is It A Good AirPods Clone? | Pros & Cons
i12 TWS is a much cheaper alternative to Apple Airpods. The connectivity, battery life, and design have certainly improved over the previous models but still don't put high hopes on these because they still remain cheap knock-offs after all.
Design & Appearance
Wearing Experience
Battery Life and Charging
Sound Quality
Reader Rating18 Votes
Cheap rip-offs of AirPods
A good showoff of AirPods
Touch Controls
Not comfortable in the ears
Mediocre connectivity
Sound is also normal and similar to other cheap earbuds (all flat, worst bass control)
Total Rating
  1. Press the button on the case, then open the case. Put the earbuds in your ear and open bluetooth on your phone. The airpods will make a bluetooth connection request, click yes, then tap on their icon in available bluetooth devices. If that doesn’t work, forget the device and re connect it from phone without the bluetooth request. Don’t put the airpods back in the case if it fails, just forget the device and reconnect immediately.

  2. well, what kind of phone do you have, and is your software up to date? you have to remember these are very cheaply built so they may not be the best quality and could have problems with their hardware. this may not be your phone but rather a connectivity issue on their side. I’ve had no troubles with connecting but rather charging.

  3. I am at a loss as to how to bring in phone usage. I have charged, connected etc, now what. Blue tooth is on on my phone. Here I sit. What next?

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Design & Appearance
Wearing Experience
Battery Life and Charging
Sound Quality
Final Score

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