i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison Review – Is There Any Difference?

Very recently, we told you about one of the many copies of Apple AirPods that are available on the market today, the i7 TWS, and we showed you all the features that they bring, as well as the way they work. Having said that, these headphones have a superior version, the i7s TWS, which according to some users are a little better, but which according to others are exactly the same product, so the question arises: will there be any difference between them? Well here we are to answer that, and we will in this new i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison Review.

 Is There Any Difference?

i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison – Specs Sheet

i7 Mini TWS i7 TWSi7s TWSi12 TWSi13 TWSi9 TWS
Modeli7 Mini TWS i7 TWSi7s TWSi12 TWSi13 TWSi9 TWS
Bluetooth version4.
Bluetooth distance10 meters+10 meters10 meters10 meters10 meters12 meters
Battery capacity50mAh50mAh50mAh35mAh35mAh50mAh
External recharging base battery capacity350mAh350mAh950mAh
Working time3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3 hours3-4 hours

i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison – Design Comparison

Starting with its design and appearance, it should be noted that both of this models had followed a trend very similar to that previously analyzed in the Apple Airpods (not to mention that they have copied them), not only because their ends are completely independent so that there is no cable some in its configuration, but also for their fine and classic finish. On this occasion it is appreciated that there are a good number of colors freely available, so it is necessary to find in the different stores the presence of white, black, red, gold and even metallic pink.

It is no secret to anyone that, when viewing them, these two headphones look very similar, making this category a tie. Having said that, in this section if a difference is found, and that is that the i7s TWS have a larger size than the i7 TWS, so everything will depend on the user if they prefer a larger or smaller size.

i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison – Design Comparison

Winner: Tie

i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison – Battery Comparison

Moving on to talk about the battery that is inside these headphones, both have a battery with a capacity of 50mAh. That being said, and although these batteries could have a great performance, they do not achieve the best results that one could expect, although their 200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes) of continuous playback and 100 hours in standby can be more than enough for a long trip, walking on public roads or even a session of physical activity accompanied by favorite music.

Of course, the amount of time that the battery of these wireless hearing aids lasts will depend entirely on the amount of use that the user gives them, but since both have the same capacity and total expected time of use, we are again faced with a tie.

Battery Comparison

Winner: Tie

i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison – Connectivity Comparison

Going on to talk about some other features, we go on to talk about the connectivity of these products. In the case of the TWS i7s, these have a little behind but still functional Bluetooth in version 4.2, which allows you to establish large and fast connections with other devices, and it also has a coverage of more than 10 meters, being compatible with Android and iOS. On the other hand, the connection to all kinds of devices of the i7 TWS headphones is given through Bluetooth in also its standard version 4.2, where coverage of up to 10 meters is included and also with mobile compatibility with the Android operating system and iOS.

Although both devices have Bluetooth 4.2 and are compatible with Android and iOS, the i7s have a small advantage, and that is that the coverage capacity of their Bluetooth can exceed 10 meters, while the coverage of the i7 has as an end at that measure, so this minimal advantage in the i7s TWS gives it the first place in this category.

i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison – Connectivity Comparison

Winner: i7s TWS

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i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison – Audio Comparison

Moving to this category, the i7s can see a good sound quality, although it cannot be very comparable to the sound that can be acquired in high-end wireless headphones. It has the basic codec and can be delayed both in games and in applications such as YouTube or Netflix. Also, and as expected, it does not offer APTX, since this feature is only offered by mid-high-end headphones, although if you have to three-band equalization system.

In terms of sound, it is mentioned that the i7 TWS also has a three-band equalization system, which achieves a balance in the audio frequency that is reproduced to achieve a better overall performance in all types of common musical content. With that said, the sound can also be delayed.

Audio Comparison

Winner: Tie


Fortunately for the buyers there are many options in the online market where you can get these headphones. Some portals are more expensive than others, however, in most cases they are available at an affordable price. Concerning their market price, the i7s TWS are available in the Gearbest online store with a price of $10.15, while the i7 TWS are also available in the Gearbest online store next to an incredible price of $8.30.


Our Verdict

Having observed all the features that these two wireless headphones can offer us, we realize that no, there is not a great difference between them, in addition to that the TWS i7s have a larger size and that it has a somewhat Bluetooth coverage band larger. Outside of those two simple aspects, we are in front of the same headphones, with the same specifications, faults and characteristics, both internal and external. In the end, everything will depend on the user, and his / her preference is for headphones with a normal size or with a slightly smaller size than the average.

Overall Winner: Tie (But the i7s TWS has a better Bluetooth coverage)

i7s TWS vs i7 TWS Comparison Review – Is There Any Difference?
There are no big differences between these headphones, just that the i7s TWS have more Bluetooth coverage and are slightly larger in size compared to the i7 TWS.
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