i90000 tws Earphone Review - Fake Airpods with New Pop-up Animation

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Fake Airpods with New Pop-up Animation

At present, we have tried to adapt our entertainment instruments to more comfortable ways of use, which is why new trends have come to light, such as using Airpods, headphones that we can use without the need to connect them through a cable to our dispositive. However, these products are usually somewhat expensive and therefore we have a solution that comes from the hands of the TWS company, and these are its fake airpods, accessible to all public and of great quality. Next, we will present one of the many versions on the market, through the i90000 tws Earphone Review.

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i90000 tws Earphone Review – Specs Sheet And Comparisons

Model i90000 i30000 i20000 i10000
Music playback 3.5 – 4 hours 3 – 4 hours 4.5 hours 3.5 – 4 hours
Weight 47 gr 47 gr 42.2 gr 44.8 gr
Wireless charging yes yes yes yes
Bluetooth V5.0 V5.0 V5.0 V5.0
Chip 1536D 1536U 1536U 1536U
Price $39.55 – 42.55 $18.99 $58.00 $18.97

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Design

The design is elegant and minimalist, like many of its predecessors, the company does not invest much capital in a change of design or appearance, since it is white with a smooth design and polished appearance, imitating the original Airpods as best as possible. On the other hand, it is quite light and practical for any situation, we can take it with us without suffering any discomfort and they will be completely protected inside its housing.


i90000 tws Earphone Review – Functions

i90000 tws Earphone Review - Functions

For those who are not accustomed to using this type of headphones, they will ask, how do I start using the i90000 tws? This is very easy and once learned will allow us to enjoy all its functional capabilities. Such as its touch sensor, in which we have:

  • Activate voice assistant (Siri – Google): double-tap the left to activate Siri.
  • Rewind song: tap left earphone three times.
  • Next song: tap the right earphone three times.
  • Stop music: tap the right earphone twice.
  • Resume music: tap the right earphone twice.

i90000 tws Earphone Review - Functions

Besides, this is not all since it also has in-ear functions, allowing them to detect when we put on or take off the headphones and consequently pausing/playing what we were listening to, a very useful function to keep us aware of the traffic, listen to someone or pay attention, all without losing the thread of our favorite songs.

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Battery

This section is of great importance for the average consumer, thanks to the battery we can determine how long we can enjoy our entertainment, for the i90000 tws headphones we will have between 3.5 – 4 hours of use, without the need to make a second recharge, a minimum duration slightly longer than the i30000. On the other hand, if we need to recharge them we can do it through QI wireless charging since it is supported by the headphones, something quite common since the i1000 tws were launched.

i90000 tws Earphone Review - Battery

One of the new features of these headphones is the particularity of being able to simultaneously check 3 batteries in real-time, with this we refer to the 2 headphones and the housing, this will appear with an interesting animation on the screen of our devices.

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Sound quality

The sound quality has always been a point of great importance for the headphones, in this characteristic, they demonstrate their practical capacity to fulfill their initial objective, to reproduce sound. Now, when we talk about the i90000 tws they have excellent sound fluidity thanks to their 6D stereo bass with a frequency response range of 20-22000Hz and a sensitivity of 120dB, maintaining an ideal volume for any music or call we are making.

i90000 tws Earphone Review - Sound quality

Also, the built-in HD microphone allows binaural calls, the HD chip is decent for communications and the voice assistant Siri recognizes our voice quite accurately.

i90000 tws Earphone Review - Sound quality

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Connectivity

The connectivity of the i90000 will guarantee a quality interaction for the devices with which we connect and this is achieved through the new 1536D chip, improving the Bluetooth connection v5.0, allowing us to watch videos, movies or play video games without sound delays. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, even supporting iOS 13.

Note: device pairing

  • IOS: Activate the Bluetooth of the phone, open the cover of the case, it will be automatically paired through the pop-up window.
  • Android: Activate the phone’s Bluetooth, press the center button of the case for 3 seconds, search for the signal with the phone and pair it.

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Price

The i90000 tws is a relatively new product and we can purchase it for a price of only $20 to $40, through the Aliexpress online store.

i90000 tws Earphone Review – Selling Points

  • New 1536D chip and smart sensor chip
  • Popup window: 3 real battery sample
  • Touch control
  • Binaural calls
  • Voice assistant Siri
  • Wireless charging
  • Maximum battery use 3.5 -4 hours

Our Verdict

Finally, after great deliberation, we conclude that the i90000 tws Earphone Review has demonstrated the inherent capabilities of the headphones, but still maintains characteristics that make it similar to its predecessors without being able to adapt it in a more technological way. However, the 1536D chip is one of the best options for connection between devices right now, showing that although the i90000 has not changed much, in the small details it has been strengthened.