iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Renderings Leaked | Get Ready to Welcome USB Type-C

Leak Highlights

  • USB Type-C might replace the iPhone 15 Pro’s lightning port.
  • The edge backplane will be curved.
  • The camera module will be bigger than the previous generation. 
  • It will have capacitive pressure keys and a mute button.

Today, a famous leakster on Weibo announced new rumors about the Apple iPhone 15 Pro series. As the phone release is approaching, the number of leaked information is also coming in. The biggest change anticipated is the arrival of USB-Type due to EU regulations. Users might have to say goodbye to the long-loved lightning port.

iPhone 15 Pro Renderings

More Specifications about iPhone 15 Pro series

Like all the other smartphone companies, Apple will probably keep the same design as the previous generation with some little tweaks. The edge curvature on the backplane glass will be a bit more curved. The camera module, which is getting thicker every year, will probably keep the tradition running. It might have titanium alloy in the middle frame. Moreover, the volume keys and mute buttons are suspended to change to pressure-sensitive clicks.

iPhone 15 Pro Display

The arrival of the iPhone 15 Pro series is some months away. However, rumors have started rolling in. What is one thing you want Apple to integrate into their upcoming smartphone?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)