iPhone 15 Series | A17 Bionic Chip Will Improve Battery Life

News Highlights:

  • The series will come with the A17 Bionic chip.
  • The chip is based on TSMC’s latest 3nm process.
  • It was specially configured to improve battery life.
  • The power consumption will be reduced by 35%.

Not much is known about the official specifications of the iPhone 15 series, however, 9to5Mac, a web specialized in Apple news, confirmed that it would come with the A17 Bionic chip and that it will focus on improving and maintaining good battery life. This was what they stated!

iPhone 15 Series And A17 Bionic Chip

iPhone 15 Series Chip

The chip is one of the most important features of a device, and Apple knows it. According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 15 series will come with the A17 Bionic chip, and this, with it, great specifications, such as a new 3nm process that TSMC is starting to produce for its semiconductors.

The A17 Bionic is simply an improved version of the old A16 Bionic since it came with a problem in the SoC and, therefore, a problem in a huge number of devices.

Source: Weibo

Chip Based On Battery Life

Through a statement, 9to5Mac announced that this new chip will be focused on improving and maintaining a good battery life for devices in this series, instead of improving their performance, as is usually the case.

Likewise, TSMC also spoke about it, commenting that the 3nm process that the chip has a better performance than the old 5nm process, used in its previous chips. In addition to that, it also stated that, in the A17 Bionic, the power consumption is reduced by 35%, managing to increase the battery life in a great way.

Source: Weibo

What do you think about this decision for the iPhone 15 series? Do you think it is better to focus on battery life or performance? Let us know in the comments!

Source (Weibo, In Chinese)