iPhone 15 Series

iPhone 15 Series Renderings Leaked | Type-C & Dark Red

Today, a famous leakster has announced the new renderings of the much anticipated iPhone 15 Series. The 4 phones will most probably be coming in September. One of the most significant changes will be the USB-C port and a new red color.

Leak Highlights

  • The iPhone 15 Series will have Dark Red color.
  • It has a deeper black than older generation.
  • The series may have Smart Island in all devices.
  • It will be charged with a Type C connection.
  • The measurements will be slightly changed when compared to iPhone 14 series.
iPhone 15 Series Gold

More Specifications of iPhone 15 Series

The iPhone 15 series will have the Smart Island pill design in all its variants, unlike 14 series, that had the pill design in only Pro and Pro Max variant. As for the charging port, the lightning will likely be replaced by USBType C. Thanks to this new anticipated change, the first iPhone and Android will be on the same page.

The measurements of 14 Plus were 160.84×78.07×7.79mm, which will be slightly changed with the iPhone 15 Plus as it will have a measurement of 160.87×77.76×7.81mm.

Every year apple releases a particular colored phone. For the iPhone 15 series, it will be the dark red color. Moreover, the black will be more profound than previous generations of iPhone.

iPhone 15 TYPE C

The iPhone 15 series will be released in a few months, and rumors are coming in fast. What do you think will be the best feature of the new generation.

Source (Weibo, in China)