ARM x86 CPU architecture

Is RISC-V Replacing x86 & ARM in High Performance

Currently, the main CPU instruction systemx86 dominates in the fields of desktops and data centers, while ARM is the king of mobile chips. The open source RISC-V is growing rapidly, and has become the third largest CPU system.

Because it is not restricted by blockade, RISC-V is also popular with Chinese manufacturers in the past 2 years, and chinese chip companies are one of the driving forces behind RISC-V’s development.

ARM x86 CPU architecture

Earlier this month Ali Pingtou released the new RISC-V energy-efficient processor Xuantie C908, which officially said that the Xuantie C908 is a global leader in computing energy efficiency, with over 20% improvement in energy efficiency over the industry’s same-performance processors, and can be used for intelligent interaction, multimedia terminals, AR/VR, wireless communication and other fields.

Although RISC-V has been universally welcomed, and even the mainstream opinion that it will replace x86, ARM architecture to become mainstream, but the process will take a long time, RISC-V ecosystem has too many remedial courses to complete.

For the time being, RISC-V in the low-power field and ARM head-on no problem, the mobile market has also begun to take off, but in high-performance computing, RISIC-V is now far from winning, and even not be optimistic.

Philippe Notton, CEO of SiPearl, which develops ARM processors for European supercomputers, recently pointed out in an interview that RISC-V is not yet the choice for the high-performance market.

The company was founded in 2019, and its main goal is to develop a European indigenous high-performance processor that can be used for tens of billions of supercomputers, and in this requirement their only option is to develop a custom ARM processor.

Philippe Notton believes that RISC-V is still a long way from commercialization and they remain open to it, but until then ARM has a more reliable software and hardware ecosystem.

Source ( Mydrivers, in Chinese )