Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - compare mi 6

Lei Jun Praises Xiaomi Mi Note 3 “So Far The Best Camera Xiaomi Phone”

You might consider Xiaomi Mi 6 or Xiaomi Mi 5X to feature the best Xiaomi camera. But you are wrong. The CEO of Xiaomi ‘Lei Jun’ consider Xiaomi Mi Note 3 to have the best camera. In the new poster of Xiaomi Mi Note 3, Lei Jun appears holding a blue colored Note 3. He says:

So far the best camera Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera

Well, it’s true. Xiaomi Mi Note 3 appears to be a younger brother of Mi 6. With the upgraded camera algorithms, Sony IMX 386 CMOS, and 4-axis OIS, Mi Note 3 is simply a Xiaomi phone with the best camera configuration till date. Here are some of the camera samples:

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera Sample
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera Sample – 1
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera Sample – 2
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera Sample – 3
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera Sample – 4
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera Sample – 5

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Under the title, there’s also a slogan on the poster: “Self-styling beauty, shoot more beautiful“. In comparison with all the smartphones out there, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 camera has the best portrait effect which even beats LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Thanks to the front 16MP camera with Adaptable AI Beautify (2μm large pixel). The front camera supports makeup beauty, sub-regional landscaping strategy, 226 Skeleton RBI, and 3D shaping face-lift.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – A Larger and Better Version of Mi 6

As the above title says Xiaomi Note 3 is the “larger version of Mi 6”. The phone continues the four-sided curved glass body (2.5D + curved 3D rear). It’s a hybrid of double glass (front and rear) and metal alloy (side frame). The metal frame this time is 7-series aluminum alloy. The size increases to 5.5 inches (Full-HD) and the heart of the flagship is Snapdragon 660 processor. The SoC is coupled standard 6GB memory and 64GB/128GB ROM, support full-featured NFC, ultrasonic fingerprint reader, glove modes, wet hands mode, and features Artificial Intelligent Face Recognization.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - 1

To be honest, Xiaomi Mi Note foreshadows Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 as well with the specs over price performance. What do you think about the cameras of the flagship? Comment!