Lenovo Z5

Lenovo Z5 Releasing This June – 45 Days of Standby, 4TB Storage!

Today, vice president of Lenovo stated that the upcoming flagship ‘Lenovo Z5’ has a long standby time of 45 days. Regarding the release date, he said:

The invitation to the conference is fast

Lenovo Z5 45 Days Standby
We know that Xiaomi Mi Max 3 integrates a massive 5300mAh battery and has a standby of 31 days. If Lenovo Z5 has a 45 days standby, the battery capacity might be even more than Mi Max 3. The flagship could even feature a new battery type or 6500mAh + battery. If true then surely, the phone will be way heavy and thick.

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In addition to the battery life, Lenovo Z5 is also equipped with dual cameras that support AI photography. Moreover, another selling point of the flagship is the 4TB storage space (can save 1 million photos, 2000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music). You might be wondering that how it is possible to have that much storage inside a smartphone. Well, Lenovo Z5 uses the particle technology to create a 4TB storage.

Official Lenovo Z5 Camera Sample

Concerning the SoC, Z5 might feature a mid-end SoC like Mi Max 3 rather than SD 845. Using a mid-end SoC will enable the phone to standby for 45 days on a single charge.

As far as the release date is concerned, the smartphone will release this June.

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