LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 in-Depth Comparison | Speed, Phones

The former RAM king LPDDR5 was announced in the year 2019 by Samsung and made its way to the market in 2020. It was the choice of all the smartphone companies when it came to faster transfer speeds. Xiaomi Mi 10 was the first phone that took benefit from the new innovation. However, a year after its launch a new RAM technology was introduced to the market which is the LPDDR5X. Today, we discuss LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 and look at their differences.

LPDDR5X is the latest innovation when it comes to RAM technology used in mobile phones. Samsung announced the DRAM in the year 2021, and it has helped us achieve some great results in data transfer. It made its way to the market in 2022 when the Realme GT2 Explorer Master became the first phone to use this technology. 

As years have passed by, we have seen rapid innovation when it comes to technology. In this comparison article, we will look at how these two LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 RAM technologies compete against each other and what advantages they have over each other.

Release DateJuly 18, 2019Nov 9, 2021
Speed6400 MBP/S8500MBP/S
Memory Capacity12GB/48GB16GB, 64GB
Voltage0.5V – 1.05V0.6V – 1.1V
UsagePhonesPhones, PC
First PhonesXiaomi Mi 10Realme GT2 Explorer Master

The First Phones of Both Generations


Release Date Comparison

Let’s start the comparison of LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 with their respective release date. LPDDR5 was first announced by Samsung and the developments they have been making for the memory technology in the year 2018. However, the production started late in July 2019. It was released with a 12GB RAM capacity. Xiaomi MI 10 became the first phone to use Micron’s LPDDR5.

Later, the natural evolution of the previous generation, LPDDR5x was released by Samsung in 2021. JEDEC announced the first LPPDR5x on 28 July 2021 with speeds up to 8.5GB/s. On 9 Nov 2021, Samsung became the first company to start the production of the industry’s first LPDDR5x with 16GB and modules that can go up to 32GB in a single package. According to the company not only it performs well. It will also help save up to 20% when it comes to battery consumption. Realme GT Master Edition 2 became the first phone to come with the LPDDR5x technology.

Moreover, on 19th November 2021, Micron also validated the release of LPDDR5x for the Dimensity 9000.

LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 – Performance (Clock Speed) Comparison

The LPDDR5 was introduced with a data transfer rate of 6400 Mbit/s, which was achieved through the differential clock, and the number of banks was increased. There were some new battery-saving technologies also introduced. 


As LPDDR5x was introduced in the market, it set the benchmark for already high results to even higher. The speed saw an extension up to 8533Mbit/s. It is a decent increase when it comes to transferring speed. Moreover, a new technology known as Adaptive Refresh Management has helped achieve 20% battery consumption. However, the prefetch is the same as LPDDR5 of 16nm.

So it is safe to say that when it comes to  LPDDR5X vs LPPDR5, the latter has better speed and efficient battery saving.

How Does LPPDR5x RAM Achieve This Much Speed?

The performance speed is the most important for an optimal user experience. Companies like Samsung, Micron, Jetc, etc are working hard to come up with better innovation. The future-facing technology of LPDDR5x has an ultra-high 8.5GBps data processing speed. It is 33% more when compared to the last generation.

It has an implementation of 16GB on the module, which can go as high as 64 GB. Moreover, the use of AI, AR, and allows low RAM to achieve high-performance memory results. 

With the recent advancement, LPDDR5x is not only limited to smartphones. It will be used in PCs, servers, automobiles, and beyond.

LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 – Power Efficiency Comparison

The older generation LPDDR5 takes advantage of the technologies. like DVFS, Deep Sleep Mode, and DQ Copy. Compared to the previous generation, it provided 45% better battery consumption. It works with an operating voltage between 0.5V and 1.05V.

However, the latest LPDDR5x takes things to the next level. With the use of AI, VR, Adaptive Refresh Management, and many other cutting technologies. The newer RAM consumes 20% less battery power to perform tasks. Thus, increasing the battery timing of the phones. The voltage may vary from 0.6V to a maximum of 1.1V.

Hence, when it comes to power efficiency between LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5, the newer model provides more power while using the same voltage.

Why was LPDDR5x released even if we already had LPDDR5?

The older generations of DRAM were released after a decent amount of time. However, lately, we see that the newer generation of DRAM was introduced just after a year or two of the release of LPDDR5. The reasons for such fast innovations are:

  1. The reason for that is the ever-changing demand for better and more efficient transfer speeds. Whereas, prolonging the battery time for optimal user experience.
  2. The increasing number of battery-efficient smartphones. LPDDR5x is said to be 20% more efficient when it comes to battery consumption.
  3. The LPDDR5x provides a max data rate of 8.5Gbps (33% more than LPDDR5) while using the same voltage of 1.1V.
  4. With an increased data rate, The LPDDR5x now has a memory bandwidth of 68.26Gbps. Increasing the performance of both the CPU and GPU.

The changes in LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5, are not too much but still, it enhances the user experience and makes it smoother.

LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 – Memory Capacity / Bandwidth Comparison

The older generation of DRAM, LPDDR5, starts with a memory capacity of 12GB. Which at its time was considered fairly advanced. However, in modern times even a huge capacity like that might not be enough.


Therefore, the LPDDR5x has a max density of 32GB with single-channel memory. At the time being it might feel like a bit too much for memory. Whereas, with the increasing demand for performance this might feel low in the coming years. The memory bandwidth for LPDDR5x is 68.26 Gbp/s.

The memory capacity difference between LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 might seem a lot. But in the coming time, it will be considered average due to changing demands.

LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 – Price Comparison

The LPDDR5 has been the choice of almost all mobile phone manufacturers when it comes to performance. Being old and trusted, one can get this type of memory in almost all ranges of devices. However, the LPDDR5x is relatively new and is limited to flagships. But we will be seeing it in more and more devices as time passes by. The interesting part about this memory is its usage. It will be used in many other smart devices other than mobile phones. Thus, it will be mass-produced and made more affordable for users.

But at the moment, between LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5, the older generation wins for being more affordable.

LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5 – What are the Overall Changes in LPDDR5?

  • The speed increased from 6.5Gbps to 8.5Gbps.
  • The improvement in signal integrity with the help of TX/RX equalization.
  • More reliable with an Adaptive refresh management feature.
  • 20% more battery efficient as compared to previous generations.

Our Verdict

With the rapid increase in user demand for better performance, new and efficient technologies are being introduced in the market. LPDDR5x is also an example of engineering and excellence. Without any doubt, when we consider LPDDR5X vs LPDDR5, LPDDR5X wins by a mile.