MediaTek 5G Commercial Test Helio M70 passed

MediaTek 5G Commercial Test Passed – The Highest Download Rate of 1.67Gbps

Today, MediaTek becomes the first 5G vendor to pass the 5G commercial test with Helio M70 modem and sets the highest Download rate of 1.67 Gbps

MediaTek announced that it has become the first 5G SoC vendor of the 3GPP December 2010 official agreement based on the official version of the 3GPP December 3GPP enhanced technology research and development, through SA independent network, NSA non-independent networking two models laboratory Tested chip vendors, and achieved 1.67Gbps, 1.40Gbps download rate in internal and external field tests in the commercial test.

MediaTek Helio M70 5G Chipset

This marks that MediaTek’s 5G technology is mature and has the ability to support 5G commercial deployment.

MediaTek 5G Commercial Test Tested on Helio M70 Baseband

It is reported that the equipment used in this test is based on MediaTek’s Helio M70 baseband. A single software and hardware version can support both SA and NSA. It supports mainstream frequency bands such as 700M/900M/1800M/2.6G/3.5G/4.9G and supports up to download speed of 4.7Gbps and upload speed of 2.5Gbps.

In the MTNet laboratory and indoor test of China Information and Communication Research Institute, Helio M70 was the first to pass the formal test version of the 3GPP December and passed the rigorous test of all 199 items of SA and NSA. The SA mode includes two frequency bands, N41 and N78. The NSA mode covers the combination of B3+N41 and B1+N78.

The downlink peak rates of N41 and N78 in SA mode reach 1.62Gbps and 1.45Gbps, respectively, which is almost the same as the theoretical rate. The downlink peak rates of B3+N41 and B1+N78 in NSA mode can reach 1.67Gbps and 1.36Gbps.

In the field test of Huairou in Beijing, the peak rate of the Helio M70 in the NSA interoperability test reached 1.40 Gbps, of which 5G reached 1.33 Gbps, the average speed of 5G was stable at 1.27 Gbps, and the uplink rate was 112 Mbps, which successfully passed IMT-2020 5G acceptance of the propulsion group.

MediaTek Helio M70 5G Chipset Features

This year, at the end of May, MediaTek also released a 5G smartphone single-chip solution with built-in Helio M70 multi-mode baseband. The smartphone equipped with the MediaTek’s 5G mobile phone chip is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2020.

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