MediaTek’s New 5G Dual-Access Solved The Biggest Dual SIM Problem!

The biggest problem when using dual SIM cards in phones is that when one of the SIM cards answers a call, the other card will be disconnected from the network, and the incoming call on that SIM cannot be answered.

Recently, MediaTek officially released the ” 5G Dual Access “, which completely solved this long-standing problem.

In the field of dual-SIM technology, MediaTek has always maintained a leading position, such as the multi-standard dual-access technology of Dimensity 9000, which supports multiple combinations of dual 5G and 4G, and can now keep dual-SIM calls online at all times without missing any incoming calls. This is known as 5G Dual SIM Dual Access.

MediaTek’s 5G new dual-access is based on a single baseband, radio frequency, and “dynamic dual-lane” software architecture, supporting more usage scenarios, more frequency band network standards, faster network speeds, and lower power consumption.

In terms of innovation, the new MediaTek’s 5G dual-access dynamically cuts the single lane into two dual lanes.

Among them, the “full-time dual-access” state can realize dynamic dual-lane data transmission, supporting more than 30 kinds of frequency band combinations.

For band combinations that cannot be used in this technology, “simultaneous downlink + uplink time-sharing” is used instead to ensure that the network is not disconnected and not missed.

Which Frequencies/Bands Support Mediatek’s 5G New Dual-Access Technology?

In terms of frequency band network standards, the technology supports more than 100 frequency band combinations, covering SA (SA+SA and SA+LTE), NSA (NSA+LTE), LTE (LTE+LTE), and other multi-network standards.

When it comes to network performance and power consumption, Mediatek’s 5G new dual-access technology support one SIM card call, while another SIM card is also operating at low latency and high-speed networking. So we have dual cards with the same frequency band of full-time dual-access as the time dual-access network speed of more than 30%. 5G UltraSave power-saving technology can also further reduce communication power consumption.

MediaTek's 5G New Dual-Access

The newly released iQOO Neo 7, has taken the lead in supporting dual SIM dual-access in some frequency bands.

Source ( Weibo, in Chinese)