MediaTek Helio G90 SoC

MediaTek Helio G90 Release Date Set – World’s First SoC For Games!

According to GSMArena, MediaTek will officially launch MediaTek Helio G series ‘G90’ gaming SoC at the press conference held in Shanghai on July 30, to compete with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G.

It is reported that the “G” in Helio G90 stands for “Game”, meaning that this series of SoCs are specially created for games.

MediaTek Helio G90 SoC poster release date

According to the news, this Helio G90 provides low latency and is only for gaming.

It is rumored that MediaTek Helio G90 will adopt the 7nm process technology.

If this news is true, Helio G90 will be the only smartphone gaming SoC in the world using the 7nm process technology. The other four models are Kirin 810, Kirin 980, Snapdragon 855 and Apple A12.

MediaTek Helio G90 SoC poster 1

At present, the specific information about this Helio G90 chip is not very clear, but it is certain that the GPU performance and CPU frequency will be improved on the basis of the previous generation products.

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