MediaTek Helio P40 Leaked Specifications

MediaTek Helio P40 Leaked Specifications – 12nm Process Under $12?

MediaTek and Qualcomm competition goes a long way and none of them want to accept defeat. Rumors say that to compete with the latest Snapdragon 660 processor, MediaTek is preparing MediaTek Helio P40. The Helio P40 SoC might release at the start of 2018 which is Q1. The next year isn’t too far and we already have MediaTek Helio P40 leaked specifications with us.

MediaTek Helio P40 Leaked Specifications – Might Just Beat Snapdragon 660

According to the leaks, Helio P40 will continue the eight-core design. But it will be using TSMC’s 12nm process. It will be a low-mid end processor. Moreover, Helio P40 might be the first in the low-mid end 12nm SoC.

MediaTek Helio P40 Leaked Specifications

According to the latest news from Taiwan Media, the cost of the Helio P40 is relatively low. In the future, the chip may range between $11-12. Meanwhile, the price of Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Lite will be around $15 per chip. So, we might see Helio P40 incorporated in budget-friendly smartphones.

Because of the price advantage, Helio P40 is expected to seize more market share. The shipments share is expected to increase from 15% in 2017 to 25% in 2018. However, Qualcomm main focus will not be Snapdragon 660 Lite but Snapdragon 670. And so the competition between these two competitive SoC manufacturers continues…

Source (Translated from Chinese)