MediaTek Launches Helio P70 With Advanced AI For Mid-Range Devices

Finally, MediaTek launches the Helio P70 (SoC) with an enhanced AI engine combined with CPU and GPU upgrades for more powerful AI processing. It also comes with upgraded imaging and camera support, a gaming performance boost and advanced connectivity features.

Helio P70

Architecture Of MediaTek Helio P70

Helio P70

MediaTek Helio P70 chipset uses four Arm Cortex-A73 2.1 GHz processors and four Arm Cortex-A53 2.0 GHz processors in an octa-core big.

For an additional power boost, the chipset has an improved Arm Mali-G72 MP3 GPU operating at up to 900 MHz, which provides a 13 percent performance improvement compared to the Helio P60.

The 12nm FinFET process enhances the excellent power performance of the Helio P70, dramatically extending the battery life of the smartphone.

Enhanced AI Engine

The Helio P70 enhanced AI engine delivers a 10 to 30 percent AI processing boost compared to the Helio P60. That means Helio P70 can support more complex AI applications such as real-time human pose recognition and AI-based video encoding.

It comes with an  AI  video encoder enhances video call quality even when connection bandwidth is limited. It can be used for video calls including Skype calls, Facebook video calls, and Youtube live video streaming.

Fluid Gaming  Experience

The Helio P70 GPU enhancements also deliver a better overall gaming experience. It optimized to reduce frame-rate and improve dealy for touch controls and display visuals for a smooth, fluid gaming experience.

High-Performance Camera Features

The Helio P70 supports a variety of AI-infused photo and video experiences including real-time beautification, scene detection, and artificial reality (AR) capabilities.

It supports for a super-sized 32MP single camera, or 24+16MP dual cameras, the chipset gives device makers more design flexibility. Its three ISP are tuned to provide significant power savings, reducing consumption by 18 % compared to previous Helio generation dual-camera setups.

Seamless Connectivity

The Helio P70 comes with a 4G LTE modem and 300MBit/s of download performance. Dual 4G VoLTE support provides a seamless user experience across two different SIMs for higher quality calls and faster connection times.

Helio P70 also features MediaTek’s smart antenna technology, which automatically uses the best antenna combination to sustain signal quality.

Main Highlights Of MediaTek P60 Chip :

  • Dual 4G VoLTE support.
  • AI  video encoder.
  • Helio P70 enhanced AI engine.
  • A73 Cores introduced.
  • The 12nm process.

Helio P70

MediaTek said Helio P70 chipset is in volume production now and will start to integrate inside smartphones by November of this year.

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