Meizu Zero News

Meizu Zero – First Smartphone Without Buttons or Physical Connections!

This afternoon, Meizu held the fastest launch conference in history, but in it launched one of the most creative smartphones with the most competitive design in the history of the brand, the Meizu Zero. As the title indicates, its most important feature is not having ports, holes or physical connections of any kind.

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Meizu Zero News

Meizu Zero – The Most Minimalist Smartphone in the World

According to Meizu’s official report, the new Meizu Zero is a true phone with no ports, buttons or gaps, which uses a ceramic body design and has an IP68 waterproof and antidust certification. It comes with a biometric air card, Super mCharge wireless charging, mSound 2.0 sound, flexible and curved OLED display of 5.99 inches with fingerprint sensor under-display, Snapdragon 845 processor, IMX380 + IMX350 (12.0MP + 20.0MP) dual camera, front camera of 20MP, among other features.

Meizu Zero News


Thanks to technology, the company has managed to eliminate any holes and physical connection of its new device, so it only has a screen with which to interact. Since there are no buttons, the controls are placed on the sides of the curved screen of the terminal and, by pressing, you can, for example, up or down the volume. The charging system is done through a wireless USB protocol that does not need any connection. In addition, it has a fast charge of up to 18W, although it can only be charged with the charger of the same brand.

Meizu Zero News

At the moment the launch date and the price of the Meizu Zero are unknown, as well as whether it will be sold outside of China.

Real pictures

After the launch of the Meizu Zero, a digital blogger shared a set of real shots of the terminal and compared it to the size of Meizu 16, Meizu current flagship. Specifically, Blogger Shi Jian-Zoro said on Weibo that the Meizu Zero is very thin and very small, and above all, that the images can not fully express the exquisiteness of this phone.

However, we can see that the ceramic feels more solid than glass. The curvature of the back and the curved screen in the front are almost equal. Plus, the first impression is that it looks a bit like the Samsung Note 7, but it gives the feeling that it is more delicate. The body is a little more square than the device of the 16 series, and it feels very cool without any buttons.

Source – Ithome