Mi Pad 6 Pro

MI Pad 6 Pro Leaks | Insane 48 Days of Battery Backup

Today, a famous leakster on Weibo just released the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6, and it looks exciting. The device has an 8600mAh battery that supports 67W fast charging to juice up quickly. Moreover, a sleep mode has also debuted, drastically increasing the device’s standby time. 

Leak Highlights

  • The Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 comes with a large 8600mAh battery
  • It has support for 67W fast charging
  • The phone can go into sleep mode for as long as 47.9 days.
  • On the other hand, the simpler Mi Pad 6 comes with only 33W fast charging.

Specifications of the Mi Pad 6

The latest from Xiaomi, the Mi Pad 6 Pro, has unique features when it comes to battery life. It has a massive battery of 8600mAh will undoubtedly provide the best battery timing. Moreover, Xiaomi has taken things further with sleep mode. The new mode allows the device to have a standby time of 47.9 days. 

Mi Pad 6 Pro

The Mi Pad 6 Pro even has whopping 67W fast charging that charges your phone in mere minutes. So your phone is always charged up and ready to be used. 

On the other hand, the Mi Pad 6 only comes with 33W fast charging. But it still will be able to provide some decent charging time to the device.

What do you think of the latest Pad by Mi? Do you think the battery specifications will make the Mi Pad 6 Pro your next device of choice?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)