Mi Pad 6 Series and Mi Band 8 Announced | New Colorful Products

Xiaomi has released two new devices, Mi Pad 6 and Mi Band 8. Both devices have new and exciting color options to make your life easier. The Pad 6 comes with a design ideology of the Mi 11, a primary 50 MP lens on the back, and support for a keyboard and stylus. The Band 8 comes with new exotic strap designs to compliment your outfits.

Release Highlights

  • The Mi Pad 6 comes with a primary rear lens of 50MP
  • It supports an intelligent touch keyboard through NFC.
  • The Pad also comes with a new stylus design.
  • Mi Band 8 comes with new fashionable wristbands

Specifications of Mi Pad 6

The Mi Pad 6 has a similar design language to Mi 11. On the back side, it comes with a dual camera configuration. The primary lens is 50MP. To improve the Pad’s productivity, it supports an intelligent touch keyboard. It can be connected through NFC one-touch transmission. A new Xiaomi-inspired stylus is also released to enhance your creativity.


Specifications of Mi Band 8

The Mi Band has become one of the best-selling products by Xiaomi, and the Mi Band 8 takes things to a new level. It has some of the most colorful and exciting band options to compliment your every outfit.


What has to be your favorite of the two newly released devices and why? Would you be rocking the new Mi Band on your wrist?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)