MIUI 10 Will Be ‘Smart’ with Artificial Intelligence Says Xiaomi Vice President

After the release of MIUI 9, Xiaomi shifts its attention to the next MIUI version, MIUI 10. Xiaomi Co-Founder and Vice President ‘Hong Feng’ has something to say about MIUI 10 as well. He exposes that the tenth version of MIUI will be smarter rather than being faster on which the current MIUI 9 relies on.

MIUI 9 appears to be the lightest and fastest Android OS. It improves the system with underlying 12 black technology optimizations. It is the only Android UI which removed more than 50 functions which were less used by the users, only to become lighter and faster. However, it adds the three most used functions by the users including transfer, information assistant and photo search.


Meanwhile, MIUI 10 will be quite the opposite of MIUI 9. Hong Feng says that the next MIUI will complete the unfinished business of MIUI 9, which is smart voice assistant.

MIUI 9 is the best Android OS till date, meanwhile, MIUI 10 will began to move in the direction of artificial intelligence. The OS will promise the same fast speed but will become a real “smart” system.

Only time will tell what MIUI 10 will bring along its release next year. We just have to anticipate.