MIUI 11 Vs MIUI 10 – 6 Features We Must Expect From Xiaomi

MIUI 10 is going to be a year old soon and Xiaomi appears to be updating it soon to MIUI 11. According to the MIUI developers, the MIUI 11 is already in development and might release in mid-2019. With the rumored list of smartphones getting the update, the audience is anticipation what new will this MIUI version bring. Moreover, what will be the difference between MIUI 11 vs MIUI 10? Let’s get to know six features we must expect from Xiaomi in the upcoming MIUI 11.

Xiaomi Confirming MIUI 11 Development

MIUI 11 Vs MIUI 10 – Next Gen AI  Vs First Gen AI

1) The System-Wide Dark Mode

The most anticipated feature of MIUI 11 is the Dark Mode which is applicable to the whole Android system. The dark theme has been widely popular now on websites and ebooks. It’s time to bring it on Android. OPPO and Huawei are also developing this high contrast theme for their customized Android OS. Interestingly, Xiaomi is already pushing the Dark Mode in MIUI 10 Beta on smartphones such as Mi 8 and Redmi Note 5 Pro. So, what will be different this time? Apart from the system support, the ‘Dark Mode’ will be compatible with numerous apps. Furthermore, the black background will also increase battery life since the brightness will be low along with a few white light emission. MIUI 11 will automatically set the Dark Mode according to the time and alarm.

MIUI 11 Vs MIUI 10 Dark Mode

2) A Refresh Look To The UI and Icons With Smoother Animations

When the MIUI developers confirmed the development of MIUI 11, they also said that the core feature of MIUI 11 will be a ‘refresh look’. These means that Xiaomi will completely change the look of the current MIUI 10 with new icons which haven’t changed since MIUI 6, status bar, and lock screen. Moreover, the animations will be smoother this time quickly responding to the user’s actions. The goal is to offer the user to change the icon layout. Moreover, in comparison to MIUI 11, the icons will be minimal and flatter. Concerning the animations, Xiaomi is achieving system-wide consistency of visual elements and smooth animations.

MIUI 11 Vs MIUI 10 Icons

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3) Ultra Power Saving Mode

Similar to Samsung’s One UI Monochrome Ultra Power Saving Mode, Xiaomi will also have its own monochrome ultra power saving mode. The mode will be able to change the theme of the phone to black, similar to Dark Mode. However, the change in comparison to the Dark Mode will be the limited app usage; calls, SMS, settings, and so on. Will MIUI 11 have a better monochrome ultra power saving mode? We will find out soon.

MIUI 11 Vs MIUI 10 Dark Mode 2

4) New Tweaks and Status Bar

MIUI 10 still needs some tweaks especially for the smartphones with the notch. MIUI 11 will bring some new features for smartphones with a notch to make the visual experience much better. We saw a lot of users complaining about the status bar of the MIUI 10. Some of the basic functions were removed. MIUI 11 will bring back such functions. The spacing between the icons will be perfect and all the important icons such as headphones,  mute, battery and signal strength indicators can be arranged on a single side of the status bar. Furthermore, the clock might be shifted to right too. Last but not least, Xiaomi might also add an option to darken the status bar to hide the notch.

MIUI 11 vs MIUI 10 Optimizations

5) Automatic Screenshot Deletion

It’s really irritation when you clutter up lots of screenshots in your smartphone with no purpose. The eleventh version of MIUI will support the deletion of screenshot after sharing them. Finally, there will be no excessive screenshots in your gallery. Obviously, MIUI will add the turn on and off button in the settings to prevent removing any important screenshot. MIUI 11 will also introduce an improved way to interacting with notification, coupling multiple notifications at one place so that your notification bar doesn’t get that messy. Furthermore, users will also be able to manage persistent notifications and a snooze function alike stock Android.

6) GoodBye To Ads

One of the most annoying aspects of MIUI (witnessed in MIUI 9 and 10) is the random respawning ads, especially on the settings page. It’s a lot common in the Global version of MIUI and specific to the Indian region. Even Xiaomi admits that MIUI has ads. However, it is rumored that MIUI might finally eliminate these ads in the new MIUI 11. The user will finally experience a fresh, ad-free experience.

These are the new features that will be in MIUI 11 and make it different from MIUI 10, in MIUI 11 Vs MIUI 10 comparison. Once the MIUI 11 releases, we will be reviewing the new MIUI and have a detailed comparison of it with MIUI 10. So for that, stay tuned!