MIUI 13 Features Release Date

MIUI 13 Starts Internal Testing | Adds Memory Expansion

Xiaomi’s UI known as MIUI is rumored to release its MIUI v13 in August with the release of Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 (the first phone to feature it). Moreover, there will be an MIUI 13 optimized for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 as well. Today, according to the insider’s information, Xiaomi is testing MIUI 13 internally, and the internal beta version has updated the file manager.


The main feature of the MIUI v13 file manager is the more intuitive interface in comparison to MIUI 12 and the icons have been changed as well. The icon changing isn’t limited to the file manager but the entire UI. This version will bring a big change.

The system version of MIUI 13 being tested internally also adds memory expansion technology. By activating this function through a special switch, the fluency can be improved somewhat for models with small memory.

In addition, the MIUI 13 internal test version also has two functions:

  • Remote camera
  • Shutdown password

This enables users to provide better support in the safety and recovery of the phone after it is lost.

The new MIUI13 system will achieve the combination of the status bar and the system font and will combine the style of the drag bar. At the same time, it will also optimize the display of blank pages and loading pages, as well as new loading icons, to achieve status.

The status bar and system fonts are combined, and the style of the progress bar will be uniformly drawn. At the same time, the blank and loading pages are optimized. The dynamic effects and display effects are more smooth and vivid than MIUI 12. After all, each upgrade will definitely have a better experience than the previous generation.

MIUI 13 Rumored Changelog

  • New UI icons
  • New File Manager
  • Memory Expansion Technology
  • Improved performance
  • Smoother dynamic and display effects
  • More apps and system optimizations to high refresh rates
  • New super wallpaper added
  • More ringtones, wallpapers, and themes added
  • Combined Status bar and system fonts
  • Optimize blank and loading pages
  • Optimized Game Booster
  • Remote camera and shutdown password activated

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