How to Find a Good Mobile App Developer

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Optimization in App Development

Mobile phones have become the most common thing on the face of Earth, and hence the need for mobile apps has increased. Every consumer uses a dozen applications every day and requires a smooth experience. In the sea of mobile apps, if you want to make sure your app stands out, it should be developed in the best way possible.

Every app developer or app owner wants their application to stand out, work smoothly, and provide the best user experience. Developing an application is one thing, but making it work smoothly is another. Continuous methods to keep the app optimized are very important to make users stick to the software for the longest time.

Developers can use software like Limeup to help them create better applications to cater to larger audiences. This software makes the development fun and efficient and helps you create the best version of your app.

In recent times, app development has become an easy task to do. But can become a headache if you don’t follow the true guidelines. Worry not as we have even simplified the art of developing an app. And provided you with the 5 best ways to truly unlock the potential of your app by following these methods. They will help you not only in increasing your user database but also make the users keep coming to your app for a smooth experience. 

Listen Well to The Users

The sole purpose of any application is to communicate well with the consumers, and the people the app is made for. Firstly, it is important to understand what kind of people are you targeting. Your target audience will help you develop the app, and provide the best user experience. 

The first step is to narrow down your user database. And fill the app with features and services that target a specific niche of consumers. It is better to target a group of quality customers than to try to cater to a large audience. Once you have identified your audience, fill the app with things they want. And, also keep hearing the feedback.

user reviews

The feedback from your genuine consumers will let you know what they truly want and you can fill in the application with that. You can read your reviews or just generally check the pattern of how they are interacting with the app.

Optimizing the Applications & Performance Monitoring

Once you have successfully developed an app, the work doesn’t stop, rather it gets more interesting. The best apps always keep themselves updated and optimized to the needs of the users. Keep taking in feedback, and try to come up with solutions to the problems your consumers are facing. If you keep on giving people what they need, they will have no reason to quit your services and enjoy them as long as they want to. 

performance monitoring

Keep in mind, that your user database has increased to a number where you can’t keep track of it manually. Use different software to monitor your app’s performance. It gives you the best feedback on what is going on with your application and how you can improve it. It will drastically increase the interaction of the users and keep them stuck to your mobile application for hours to come. 

Reducing Network Requests

The data transfer rates between your application and server generally decide the speed at which your software works. By using reduced data methods, developers can make their app work even more smoother. 

network requests

The best method to do so is by compressing the data, so when it is sent here and there it takes less time to transfer. It reduces the loading time and the apps work buttery smooth. Moreover, caching is an integral part of smarter and faster apps. For instance, HTTP caching copies larger files and stores them in a cache. It allows us to pull back the data whenever needed in a much shorter time period. Moreover, lazy loading is another great technique that can be used by developers. It only makes the specific data load that the user needs, not just all the data. The feature is beneficial if your app runs around heavy files like photos and videos.

Clean Codebase for Improved Performance

Once you have successfully coded the application, make sure it is as clean as it can get. It’s not only about making it look cool but also should provide great functionality. The cleaner codebase can help improve user experience by reducing content loading time. As soon as a user initializes the app, it should feel snappy and responsive. By having a clean codebase, the initiation time can be reduced to milliseconds. Hence, users feel more satisfied as soon as they click on the app. 

clean codebase

Developers can use tricks like in-memory caching, which allows the app to take control and use the RAM of the phone for quicker opening. Other than that, disk caching allows the app to store large data on the memory storage of the phone. Moreover, object pooling can be used to bring back data from the mobile phone, rather than creating them every time the users click on the app.

Automated Testing Tools

Another great trick in the book of development of an application is automated testing tools. Developers can install these tools on their applications, that run in the background themselves to let you know how your app is performing. It tracks loading times, and user activity, and makes sure the app doesn’t take in sensitive data from the mobile phone. Not only it makes your app improve but also provides a safer user experience.

automated test

Wrapping it Up

All the magic tricks of development combined together can help put out an application, that listens to consumers to optimize itself, takes less time to load hence works smoothly, has a cleaner code base, and uses tools to better itself. 

If you want to make sure your app is downloaded and retains the attention of the users, you can implement these tricks into your app development. 

Let us know what are your favorite tricks and tips that help you in developing applications. And we can include them in the next article. Until then, Keep Developing!