What Are The Most Fun Games For iPhone

What Are The Most Fun Games For iPhone?

Mobile gaming is about convenience and quick dopamine jolts. And sometimes picking the best games can be tricky, especially with a plethora of them out in the world. So we are here to help you in finding the most fun games for iPhone. 

The App Store on Apple has many games, but staying clear of the dregs could be challenging. We are here to assist. You only need a bug-free iPhone and a good internet connection such as CenturyLink Wifi for a lag-free and smooth experience. 

We’ve highlighted some of the most enjoyable and well-designed titles that are worthy of being on your iPhone

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans iPhone Games

Genre(s): Multiplayer, Online, Strategy, Tactics-Based

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: Yes

The game on mobile that helped propel Supercell to the position of power it holds today and spawned numerous spinoff games like Clash of Clans is worthy of being included at the top of this list. It’s the most popular and idle town-building game on iOS and a lot of enjoyable to play. You can fight rival villages, sign up with alliances, fight for supremacy in Clan Wars, or just simply enjoy yourself when chaos is raging all around you. It is a great game to play but be aware of micro-transactions

2. Blek

Blek - Most Fun Games For iPhone

Genre(s): Single Player, Minimalist, Puzzle

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: No, Not That Kind of Game

The next game to play on the iPhone is Blek. Applauded for its easy gameplay and minimalist design, Blek is a puzzle game where you have to make patterns using gestures on the screen to get through each level. The game was released in 2013. The game is a straightforward and popular addition to the game library on iPhone. 

3. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - Most Fun Games For IPhone

Genre(s): Single Player, Multiplayer, Online, Open World, RPG

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: Partially, Developers are Generous, Paying Can Allow You To Level Up and Buy High Tier Characters and Weapons Quickly

A brand new entry on the mobile gaming scene, Genshin Impact has proven that a console-like game is feasible on mobile. It’s stunning and comes with an array of characters to gather, an expansive world to explore, as well as lots of entertainment to be had. It’s one of the heaviest resource-consuming games on a mobile platform, truly testing your phone’s GPU. The game has one of the largest maps which is still expanding. The environment and the music are immersing. If you want to take a break from worldly stress, this game is recommended. There are microtransactions but still, players can unlock high-tier characters and weapons with hard work and not paying a cent.

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4. Yu-Gi-Oh 

Yu-Gi-Oh-Duel-Links-Fun Games For IPhone

Genre(s): Multiplayer, Online, Battle Arena, Tactics-Based

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: Yes

While Pokemon is a classic childhood popular game played by lots of players, Yu-Gi-Oh can now be played on an iPhone and iPad. Duel Links has an extensive tutorial to show you the rules of the game, so don’t be concerned even if you’ve never played or are old. There are microtransactions available, but they’re not necessary to advance and you’ll be able to earn lots of free cards when you play the game’s in-game activities. This is a great option if looking to play the game of collecting cards or are a Yu-Gi-Oh player or just desire to experience some nostalgia.

5. Shadow Fight Arena 

shadow-fight-arena- fun games for iphone

Genre(s): Multiplayer, Single Player, Fighting

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: Somewhat, Needs Grinding If You Are A Freebie

Play as an opponent and fight with other players for supremacy in Shadow Fight Arena, an action game like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. It allows you to unlock and upgrade various heroes as well as play for free. To play, it also comes with a subscription option that gives you coins and chests for spending in-game. You can compete with friends in PvP battles or simply take on random online strangers.

6. The Lord of the Rings: Wars

the lord of rings - fun games for iphone

Genre(s): Online, Multiplayer, Strategy, Tactic-Based

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: Yes

The Lord of the Rings Wars is set in Tolkien’s classic fantasy world and puts you in the position of the faction of Middle-Earth. You will fight against other factions to win The One Ring, recruit new commanders, and even create your ring with power. A vast amount of Middle-Earth is available to play through while building your army and creating an immense army. It’s completely free to play; however, it has microtransactions.

7. Pokemon Unite 

Pokemon Unite - Most Fun Games For IPhone

Genre(s): Multiplayer, Online, Battle Arena, Tactics-Based

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: Somewhat

Pokemon Games are taking mobile gaming to the forefront. In addition, Pokemon Unite is an important part of the reason. It’s a five-on-5 battle arena game in which you collaborate with your teammates to score the highest score. Be sure that your Pokemon look stylish in Holowear and can perform incredible new moves during combat. Holowear is cross-platform, meaning you can play with Switch and Android players. Additionally, it isn’t going to cost you anything when you’re careful with your spending.

8. Street Fighter

street fighter - fun games for iphone

Genre(s): Fighting, Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay To Dominate: No

Street Fighter is the most popular fighting game franchise, and it is available to you on your iPhone by way of Street Fighter IV CE. The mobile version of the 2008 video game offers players the option of playing 31 different fighters (including classic and brand new favorites) and some stunning graphics, multiplayer and single modes, and full controller support. You will need to purchase the game; it’s a great bargain for games of this quality, and the porting process is flawless and well-executed. An excellent investment if you are a fan of fighting games.

9. Among US

Among US - Most Fun Games ofr iPhone

Genre(s): Multiplayer, Online, Local, RPG, Social Deception

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: No

Originally released back in 2018, Among Us became an instant hit thanks to its unique multiplayer, RPG-based social deception genre. The game requires at least 4 players with 1 imposter among them. The imposter’s job is to kill everyone before all assigned work to the crew is completed. Hiding and transporting in vents, controlling gates, initiating a meltdown for a quick win, and turning off spaceship lights are the tactics adopted by the imposter to make his job easier. While the crew’s job is to complete all given tasks, report if they find any dead body, press the emergency button if they sus someone. Even the imposter can do all this. The game has multiple maps and supports local servers as well. If you have that mastermind criminal liking or Sherlock’s vigilance, this game is a MUST.

10. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile - fun games for iphone

Genre(s): Multiplayer, Online, Battle Arena, Shooting

Microtransactions: Yes

Pay to Dominate: No, Totally Skilled Based

For the audience who needs an adrenaline dose, PUBG Mobile is the best game on iPhone. This game started with an online, multiplayer battle arena approach with only one map at the start. The goal is to survive in the end beating all 100 players on the map. Guns like shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, machine guns, throwables, and melee weapons will help you achieve the no.1 position. There are voice chat, message chat, and quick chat features to interact during the battle arena. Now the game has 8 vs 8, 4 vs 4 modes, rooms for local playing, and a cheer park for social interaction. The community is huge and works with the developers to prevent hackers from ruining the game. The number of hackers has decreased especially in 2022.


There are tons of iPhone games that are entertaining and educational. The most fun among these emphasizes the story, atmosphere, and exploration. The top adventure games are the most popular. They feature great graphics and great gameplay. The aforementioned list includes the interests of all types of gamers, so we hope you will be able to find one most suited to your liking.