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Moto X40 To Use Four Sided Curved Display

Today, blogger @ibingUniverse revealed that the moto X40 uses a high Gaussian quad-curved screen.

It is reported that the equivalent Gaussian four-curved surface is based on the original four-curved technology, abandoning the traditional four curved large rounded design, through the four corners of the spherical design to achieve the effect of the same width of the front viewing angle frame.

The technology solves the problem of visual symmetry of the screen, so that the long side of the screen, short side, and high four corners Border approximate the same, to achieve a true sense of the four sides of the equal height, is said to be the highest value of the curved screen.

moto x40

In addition to the first use of an equiangular Gaussian quad curved screen, the moto X40 is also equipped with the second generation of the Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. Compared with Snapdragon 8, the second generation Snapdragon 8 has been significantly improved, the latter upgraded to TSMC 4nm process while using a new 1+4+3 architecture design, with a total of 4 large cores and 3 small cores.

In terms of running score, the moto X40 AnTuTu comprehensive score exceeded 1.3 million points, which will be one of the highest scores of a high-end flagship.

What’s more, the digital @chatstation has revealed that the positioning of the moto X40 is to “kill the low price“. The previous generation of the moto X30 debuted with the first generation of Snapdragon 8, priced at 2,999 yuan, so it is speculated that the moto X40 may continue this pricing strategy, which means that the phone may be one of the first second-generation Snapdragon 8 models with the lowest price.

The new product will be released in the near future.

moto x40

Source ( Mydrivers, in Chinese )