moto x40 waterproof

Motorola moto X40 Will Be Waterproof & Dustproof

After the Xiaomi 13 announced that their entire series will be equipped with IP68 waterproof and dustproof as standard, Motorola has also joined the competition.

Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s mobile phone business in China, said in a post that the moto X40 will also support an IP68 waterproof level, which is called “the SUV of cell phones”.

This also seems to be the first flagship model of Motorola to support IP68 in the last 2 years.

moto x40 SUV

Although the manufacturer supports IP68, it will not provide a water failure warranty, but in daily use, it can basically guarantee normal operation and will not cause damage to the interior when it is accidentally dropped into a basin, splashed with water, or exposed to rain. very practical.

It should also be noted that IP68 is only waterproof, and can not prevent water vapor, so taking a shower with the phone will still be a great risk, the risk of condensation inside, it is also recommended that you do not try it.

moto x40 waterproof

According to Motorola’s latest poster, the moto X40 will be released in December, and the specific release date will be announced later.

The phone is currently in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology network, public information shows that its front will use a 6.67-inch OLED screen, 1080P resolution.

The rear camera is a square-like triple camera solution with a 50MP large base main camera, 50MP super wide angle, and 12MP portrait lens respectively.

moto x40 design

Source ( Mydrivers, in Chinese )