Motorola RAZR folding screen phone

Motorola To Release RAZR Folding Screen Phone Soon!

According to the latest news, Lenovo’s sub-brand Motorola will launch a folding screen smartphone in the near future, the Razr series will be the one featuring the first foldable-screen phone. Furthermore, US telecom operator Verizon will be selling this flagship.

In terms of pricing, the upcoming Motorola Razr may be the smallest folding screen phone. In the fully expanded state, the screen size is 6.2 inches, so the price will be more favorable. The starting price of Motorola foldable screen Razr phone will be around 1500 US dollars.

Considering the configuration, the Motorola Razr foldable phone seems to have two versions. One of which is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor and the other may be the latest Snapdragon 855 processor. As for the Snapdragon 710 processor version, there are are two variants:

  • 4GB + 64GB
  • 6GB + 128GB

On the screen, the Motorola Razr can be folded from up and down. The front face is a 600×800 px resolution screen. When fully unfolded, the screen is 6.2 inches, the aspect ratio is 22:9, and the resolution is 2142×876 pixels. It should be noted that after the fold, the screen is said to have become two 4:3, the resolution is 800×600 pixels.

In addition, from the patent map, this new phone has a rear camera. Meanwhile, there’s a rear fingerprint reader as well. The phone will be provided in three colors and the stocking capacity is 200,000.