Xiaomi Notebook 2017

New Xiaomi Notebook 2017 Confirmed – Coming This September 11

This afternoon, Chinese media broke the news that in the upcoming Xiaomi conference on Sept 11, Xiaomi will release the new generation of Xiaomi Notebook 2017 15.6-inches along with Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

Subsequently, we searched whether a new model got 3C certification or not. Luckily we found Tianmi Technology’s (Xiaomi Notebook Air manufacturer) new notebook that got certified on August 23.

Xiaomi Notebook 2017 3C certification

The notebook model is 1715xx-xx, shows the 3C certificate where x represents 0-9 number, lower case, and upper case alphabets, spaces or any character, production period, sales price, pre-installed software version, hard disk storage capacity, memory, color and sales of customers. The figure means that Xiaomi Notebook 2017 will have different versions.

Moreover, the notebook is equipped with a 20V / 2.25A or 20V / 3.25A power adapter, theoretically the maximum power supply capacity of 45W or 65W. Considering gaming notebooks equipped with an 80W or more power supply. So the notebook which got 3C certification might not be a gaming notebook.

In addition, 3C certification data also shows that this notebook supports mobile 4G network as well.