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Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) Releases – Dual USB Ports, Same Price

Today, Xiaomi finally replaces its old Xiaomi Power Bank 2 with the latest Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) featuring dual USB ports for the same old price of 79 Yuan ($12). It’s available in China on the official Xiaomi website. However, the international available is still in question.

Let’s take a look at the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017):

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) – Simply More Than an Upgrade

Design & Appearance

The new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) retains the basic shape and dimensions of the old Xiaomi Power Bank 2. It forges from Aluminum Alloy rather than plastic. The chassis undergoes anodizing process so that the body shines and the user may have a premium holding experience.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) - featured

Regarding durability, the body is highly durable making it drop resistance as well as anti-corrosive.

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The design is plain and simple as in all Xiaomi power banks. On the front, we have the Mi logo visible. Meanwhile, the only visible change is witnessed on the top of the power bank. Instead of a single USB port, we have dual USB ports as well as the two-way micro USB port, white colored LED status, and of course the power button.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) - 1

The new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) is available in two colors: White and Black.

Hardware & Charging

The new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) uses high-quality lithium polymer batteries. The total battery capacity is 10,000mAh like the previous one. However, the energy conversion is up to 90%. The actual output capacity is 6500mAh, which can theoretically charge:

  • iPhone 7, 3.5 times
  • Mi 6, 2 times

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) - 6

Each of the dual USB supports a variety of fast charge protocol, power up to 14.4W. With the Dual USB interface, each interface has up to 5V / 2.4A output capability and the total power of up to 15W.

The input charging of the power bank itself supports fast charging as well. The charging can be achieved through the adaptation of 12V / 1.5A and 9V / 2A 18W two modes of fast charging, significantly shortening the charging time.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) - 2

The same old Trickle charge has been retained. The user needs to double-click the power button to switch to low charging mode for Bluetooth headset and Xiaomi Mi Band charging.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) - 5

In terms of safety, it still supports temperature protection, short circuit protection, input overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, over current and over discharge protection, Reset protection, input overvoltage protection, overcharge and over-discharge protection, and hardware-level overcurrent short-circuit protection. Indeed, Xiaomi Power Bank series offers one of the best hardware protection.

Price & Availability

The new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) is only available in China for 79 Yuan ($12). You can buy it from Xiaomi official website in black and white colors. However, the international availability of the power bank is still in question. We will inform you when the power bank is available on international Chinese websites such as Gearbest and Aliexpress.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (2017) - availability