Nubia X Review – When Everything is Surprisingly Dual!

What is the future of mobile phones? 11 years ago, the iPhone gave us a direction. After 11 years, Nubia maybe gave us the ultimate answer… On October 31, almost finish the second half of the year, Nubia released its flagship mobile phone, its name is Nubia X. Just like an “X”, the Nubia X’s biggest selling point is the symmetrical front and back screens.

Nubia X Review

Maybe this selling point will also bring a lot of confusion. For this reason, some questions that maybe will have the users are: What is the real experience of dual-screen combination? Will be the screen on the back a rib? In addition to the dual screen, what other highlights of the Nubia X?

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Now let’s take these questions like start points in the evaluation of the Nubia X and see what experience its dual-screen innovation can bring us.

Nubia X Review

Nubia X Review – Dual-screen innovation

Specification Sheet
ModelNubia X
CameraRear: 24.0MP + 16.0MP
ColorsBlack, Blue, Violet
ConnectivityWIFI: 802.11a/b/g/n
DisplayLCD IPS 6.26 inch - 2280 x 1080P
GPUAdreno 630
Network2G: GSM,GSM 1800MHz,GSM 1900MHz,GSM 850MHz,GSM 900MHz
3G: WCDMA B1 2100MHz,WCDMA B19 850MHz,WCDMA B2 1900MHz,WCDMA B8 900MHz
4G LTE: FDD B1 2100MHz,FDD B20 800MHz,FDD B3 1800MHz,FDD B4 1700MHz,FDD B5 850MHz,FDD B7 2600MHz,FDD B8 900MHz
OSAndroid 8.0 Oreo
SIMDual Nano SIM
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Dimensions15.41 x 7.33 x 0.84 cm

Nubia X Review

Design and Appearance

As every one of you, we are used to similar design mobile phones on the market. The first feeling we got from Nubian X is a little shock. This shock comes from two aspects. On the one hand, it is the shock from the Nubia X design itself. The addition of a dual screen kills the front camera.

Nubia X Review

The other aspect is that we are in front of the ultimate exploration of the next mobile phone design with the Nubia X. At the moment when the mobile phone industry was in a quagmire, Nubia conveniently set off the banner of the smartphone revolution.

Nubia X Review

The most important thing is that the front of Nubia X has no bevels at all, and the screen accounted for an astonishing 93.6%. This achievement is at the top of the LCD segment. The flag of this revolution is not only a simple two-screen, but you can find out that the Nubia X’s dual screen can be placed in the mobile phone design textbook whether it is interactive or appearance.

Nubia X Review

If we don’t tell you in advance with pictures, we are sure that you won’t even believe that there is a hidden screen at the backplane of the Nubia X.

In addition to having a “hidden” sub-screen, the Nubia X has the iconic dual-camera of the Nubia mobile phones, and the Nubia X also has a large curved edge, which can bring a very comfortable grip. On the left border frame, the Nubia X has a SIM card slot and a volume button, and the right border is an on/off button.

Nubia X Review

It is worth noting that there are two grooves in the left and right borders in a symmetrical position. These two grooves are fingerprint recognition areas. There are two because Nubia considers the unlocking operation of the two screens of the Nubia X. At the bottom, the Nubia X uses a USB Type-C interface with headphones and charging in one, which looks more compact.


Perhaps the most sincere and comprehensive screen design at this stage. In front, the Nubia X has a screen ratio of 93.6%. Also, the main screen of the Nubia X is a 6.26-inch LCD material with a 19:9 ratio of true and full screen, with a resolution of 2280 x 1080 pixels and a PPI of 403.

Nubia X Review
Simultaneously press and hold fingerprint recognition on both sides to wake up the Nubia X

You might think that the screen on the back of the Nubia X is very unsightly. In fact, Nubia has a special “hidden” treatment on the screen behind it. The Nubia X’s secondary screen is off when the front screen is on, both have a strong visual integration.

In terms of parameters, the secondary screen of the Nubia X, it is a 5.1-inch eye protection screen, made of OLED, and the surface of the screen is made of blue glass.

Nubia X Review

Screen performance

After reading about the appearance of the Nubian X, we believe that what you are most interested in what is the use of the secondary screen.

Nubia X Review

How to switch between the front screen and the back screen? Regarding the switching of these two screens, Nubian X offers two ways:

  1. Thanks to a gravity sensor, which is at the side of the Nubia X and have to press up or unlock, the screen will light up.
  2. If we want to switch to the other side when using one screen, just have to hold down the fingerprint recognition area on both sides of the Nubia X body, then flip the screen to switch the screen to the other side.

In fact, the two ways of Nubian X switching screens perfectly cover the two states: using the mobile phone and not using it. Also can switch to the screen that you want to use whenever and wherever.

Nubia X Review

So what is the specific use of the second screen of the Nubia X?

  • See the time and notices: think about it, what is the most common operation of opening your phone every day? For sure, to watch the time. The Nubia X is aimed at this, and in the sub-screen has been built an electronic clock, adding the AOD (Always On Display) off-screen display function. At the same time, since the material of the secondary screen is OLED, even if the content is displayed for a long time, the power consumption of the mobile phone is not increased.

Nubia X Review

  • High-quality selfie: since Nubia remove the front camera, if we want to take a self-portrait with the Nubia X, we can only use the secondary screen on the back. Because Nubia X’s rear dual-camera quality is extremely high, when we use the self-timer, we can easily take high-quality photos that can be taken by the mobile phone rear camera.
  • Play mobile games and read books at night: as mentioned above, the back of the Nubia X is equipped with an “eye protection screen”. The high-energy short-wave blue light is blocked and reflected by the processed “special” lens to protect the eyes from blue light and achieve “super” eye protection function.

Nubia X Review

Not only the hardware is awesome in protection function, but the software of the Nubia X also. It has the eye protection application, can give eye health index and recommendations according to the user’s habit of using the phone.

Different eye protection modes can be set on Nubia X:

  1. The basic eye protection mode: filtering blue light, the image quality is prioritized, and the display effect is restored to the greatest extent.
  2. Mild eye protection mode: filter blue light, balance picture quality, and has eye protection.
  3. Medium eye protection mode: a large amount of filtered red light, suitable for night use and help to sleep.
  4. Super eye protection mode: a large amount of filtered blue light, quality display, reducing color stimuli, suitable for long-term reading.

Nubia X Review


Therefore, when turning off the lights at night to play or read books for a long time, we can directly use the secondary screen of the Nubia X. According to the use of a few days, when the secondary screen on, then the eye protection mode on too. Even if you read a book for a long time, the eyes do not feel tired.

Hardware and performance

The Nubia X comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Which uses the second-generation 10nm process technology to achieve high performance and low power consumption. It has 8 cores distributed in 4 cores x 2.8GHz Kryo 385 + 4 cores x 1.8 GHz Kryo 385. Accompanied by a Qualcomm Adreno 630 710MHz GPU which provides a superb and realistic gaming experience, 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB of storage type UFS Storage 2.1.

Nubia X Review

Game controller

Yes, you are not mistaken, the Nubia X’s secondary screen can indeed be used as a gamepad.

The Nubia X’s secondary screen can be set for different games, set L/R button, support single and double finger mode, and the button size can also be customized to adjust, support sliding and click, all of this to achieve handle-like operation.

Nubia X Review
You can fire on the front without pressing the screen

The game “Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield” was taken as an example. When we open it, we can control the movement with the left thumb and the right thumb to control the angle of view. The left and right areas of the sub-screen control the fire and open the mirror separately, it completely solves the control problem for playing FPS games.

Nubia X Review
The back fingers control the opening and firing separately

Monster-level performance and refrigerator-level cooling

Let’s take a look at the running scores of Nubia X:

In the actual test, in the AnTuTu Benchmark ran 296,661 points, Geekbench single core 2335 points, multi-core 8031 points, 3D Mark reached 59,024 points. From the point of running data, the performance of Nubia X is definitely a “performance monster” level. Of course, the high score does not necessarily mean that the actual performance of the mobile phone is excellent.

Nubia X Review

In order to test the performance of the Nubia X, we chose “Glory of the King” to turn on the high frame rate mode. In fact, the Nubia X can always maintain the frame rate of 60fps, even if it encounters the extreme test performance of the team battle scene, it does not encounter the phenomenon of dropped frames and jams.

Nubia X Review

Excellent heat control

In order to test the heat performance of the Nubia X, we let the Nubian X ran for an hour “Glory of the King”, and then record the temperature of the device through the FLUKE TiS60 thermal imager.

Nubia X Review

After one hour of high-intensity operation of “Glory of the King”, the highest temperature in general of the Nubia X is 42.7°C, and the highest temperature on the back is 41.3°C. The actual feeling is only warm, and it will not affect the game experience.


The Nubia X’s camera is set to 16 million pixels + 24 million pixels dual combination. The main camera uses Sony IMX519 sensor, the aperture is F1.8 + F1.7 and supports PDAF phase focusing. Accurate color reproduction even under high light.

Nubia X Review

In the software, the Nubia X also added the AI camera function. It may only recognize different scenes, and intelligent parameter adjustment for these scenes, so that even if the photo is white, it can be shot by the Nubia X.

Let’s take a look at the camera samples of Nubia X:

From the daytime proofs, you can find that Nubia X’s color reproduction is good, even under strong light, you can express the color of the flower itself. In the dark environment, the photos taken by Nubia X are very transparent, there is no obvious noise, and the exposure of the highlights is taken into account, and there is no overexposure.

Nubia X Review


In terms of battery life, the Nubia X is equipped with a large-capacity of 3800mAh, but since the Nubia X has a dual screen, we don’t know if it will drag all energy in less time. We conducted a five-hour heavy-duty battery life test through Zhongguancun. The test results are as follows:

Nubia X Review

After five hours of heavy testing, the Nubia X still has 48% of its energy. Under heavy operation, it can basically meet our daily use. The Nubia X supports NeoCharge flash charging technology, which can achieve up to 18W fast charge. After half an hour test, the terminal rushes into 45% of the power, so it can quickly return energy through the fast charge.

Nubia X Review


Touch smartphones have more than a decade, it is on the market since 2007, but no subversive products have been born in this decade. Taking advantage of the full-screen, Nubia finally brought us an innovative mobile phone: the Nubia X. No doubt, the emergence of it is beyond what everyone expected.

The unique dual-screen appearance completely brought us a shocking visual experience. In addition, thanks to Nubia’s optimization, the Nubia X’s secondary screen has not been reduced to an error, and the “adapted to the local” brings exclusive optimization.

Nubia X Review

In terms of performance, the Nubia X has good features. The configuration of the dual camera, Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, long battery life, and fast charge. We have reason to believe that the Nubia X will lead the evolution of mobile phones with great innovation.