Nubia Z50

Nubia Z50 Has A Stupendously Large Heat Sink | Poster Reveals

The Nubia Z50, Nubia’s new-generation imaging flagship, will be officially launched on December 19.

The official said today that the new phone will be equipped with a multi-dimensional cooling design, claiming that it is “outrageously strong“.

Nubia Z50

The Nubia Z50 uses a large VC, diamond thermal gel, and a total of 10 other layers of cooling materials, with a total area of 36,462 square millimeters.

As a comparison, the previously released Nubia Z40 Pro uses a 9-layer ring hug cold seal cooling with a total area of 35,000+ square millimeters of cooling.

The new phone has such excellent heat dissipation and is of course prepared for strong performance, Nubia Z50 is equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 processor. The runtime score reached 1337140 points, in the first echelon of Android phone runtime score.

In addition, the new machine is upgraded with the new Super Stable Frame 3.0, which provides finer recognition of operations, more accurate control of temperature, 2 times higher frame rate stability, and up to 15% lower power consumption.

Nubia Z50 features

Source ( Mydrivers, in Chinese )