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Here’s the Official List of Flyme 8 Supported Meizu Devices

A couple of days back, Meizu launched Flyme 8 after a long wait of 491 days. Meizu 16s Pro became the first phone to feature it. Obviously, it’s the Flyme 8 beta version so we expect the stable version to release once it’s available in other Meizu devices. That being said, Meizu has officially announced that it will provide the Flyme 8 update to around 28 Meizu devices. Which phones/devices are these, let’s find out:

Flyme 8 – List of Officially Supported Meizu Devices / Phones

The phones which will get the Flyme 8 update soon are:

Meizu 16 series

  • Meizu 16s Pro (preloaded with Flyme 8 Beta)
  • Meizu 16s
  • Meizu 16Xs
  • Meizu 16th
  • Meizu 16th Plus
  • Meizu 16X

Meizu 15 series

  • Meizu 15
  • Meizu 15 Plus

Meizu M series

  • Meizu M15

Meizu PRO series

  • Meizu PRO 7 Standard Edition
  • Meizu PRO 7 High Edition
  • Meizu PRO 7 Plus
  • Meizu PRO 6 Plus
  • Meizu PRO 6s
  • Meizu PRO 6
  • Meizu PRO 5

Meizu Note series

  • Meizu Note 9 (m9 note)
  • Meizu Note 8 (m8 note)
  • Meizu Note 6 (m6 note)
  • Meizu Note 5 (m5 note)

Other Meizu Devices

  • Meizu X8
  • Meizu S6
  • Meizu MX6
  • Meizu E3
  • Meizu 6
  • Meizu E
  • Meizu Max

Official List of Meizu devices phones supported Flyme 8

It’s appreciable to see that Meizu is even providing the Flyme 8 update to the devices which were released 3 years from now such as Meizu Max E. This is quite rare to witness in Android phones especially the Chinese ones. In record, Meizu is providing the update to almost 90% of the smartphones the company has, which is the best system update schedule for a Chinese phone maker. Moreover, it should be noted that unlike Huawei and Xiaomi, Meizu only releases a couple of handsets every year.

The release date for each Meizu device has not been announced yet. Once Meizu announces it, we will update you. So stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can check our:

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