Omni Vision OV50H

Omni Vision OV50H 50 MP Debuts with New DCG Technology

Release Highlights:

  • The sensor will be called Omni Vision OV50H and has 50MP.
  • Its sensor size is 1/1.3 inches and has a unit pixel area of 1.2㎛.
  • The sensor will have dual conversion gain (DCG) technology.
  • It supports 12.5MP at 120FPS and can capture HDR video at 60FPS.
  • The sampling of the image sensor will start in April 2023.

Today, at CES 2023, OmniVision launched the new 50MP image sensor called Omni Vision OV50H. It will have a sensor size of 1/1.3 inches with a pixel area of 1.2㎛. Omnivision is known to make powerful camera sensors and has great results. The image sampling of the Omni Vision OV50H will start in April 2023.

Omni Vision OV50H features

More Specifications of the OV50H sensor

The 50MP sensor will have dual conversion gain (DCG) technology, allowing it to perform well at all times. It has a support of 12.5MP at 120FPS. Moreover, it will capture HDR video at 60FPPS. This is the OV’s first sensor with a horizontal/vertical (H/V) four-channel detection function (QPD). 

Now, the question rises of what mobile phone manufacturers will be first adopting this new sensor in their phones.

Source (Weibo, In Chinese)