OnePlus 27W Cooling Clip | Take Things to Next Level

OnePlus has released a small add-on for the OnePlus Ace 2 and other phones to make them even better. The 27W Heat Dissipation back clip has to be the leading innovator in the industry. It is a jump from the previous 16W cooling clips. It can cool up the device to 17°C, and help the phone perform even better.

Release Highlights

  • The OnePlus Heat Dissipation Clip has a power of 27W
  • It is said to be the highest power ratio in any cooling clip
  • The load cooling is 17°C, and no load cooling is 33°C
  • With the cooling clip, users can unlock the overclocking mode
  • The regular price is set to be 299 yuan ($44) 

Specifications of the OnePlus 27W Cooling Clip

OnePlus has released a new generation of cooling clips, to make their phones even better. The 27W clip can provide a load cooling of 17°C and a no-load cooling of up to 33°C. Moreover, it can link up with the OnePlus Ace 2 and open the world of overclocking for the processor. This also upgrades the dual Hall switch


Price & Availability

The device is available in China and is currently on sale. The discounted price for the 27W cooling clip is 219 yuan ($32). However, the original price s going to be 299 yuan ($44)

What do you think of the latest gadget release by OnePlus? Will you be buying it to make your device even better?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)