OnePlus-6-Price & Specs Design

OnePlus 6 Price & Specs Leaked on Weibo – A Cheaper 8GB iPhone X?

OnePlus coming smartphone ‘OnePlus 6’ is trending on the internet for months now. The rumored date of OnePlus 6 release was expected to be March, but as the month is ending, we haven’t heard about any official announcement from the Chinese manufacturer, yet. Leaks and exposures continue to excite us. Today, two new photos leaked on Weibo, exposing OnePlus 6 Price & Specs.

Starting with the picture showing OnePlus 6 price, the leaked price is $749. We should note that it’s way cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S9+ which is priced at $1200, and iPhone X ($1517). Furthermore, the image also reveals a couple of specs of the flagship which is Snapdragon 845 as the SoC, a freaking 8GB RAM, and 256GB ROM. We believe that it’s the exclusive or higher version of the flagship as the listing is of higher versions of each flagship. So, the standard version will be much cheaper featuring 6GB RAM and  64/128GB ROM, priced at around $620/$660.

OnePlus-6-Price & Specs

As far as the photography is concerned, OnePlus 6 will equip a dual rear camera setup with a combination of a 12MP + 20MP lenses. Sadly, the front camera specs are still unknown. The phone will also support the next-gen Dash Charge technology for quick charging.

OnePlus 6 Design & Appearance -Inspiration from iPhone X & Essential Phone

Previously, this month, the first hands-on image of OnePlus 6 also surfaced the internet. The leaked image below shows that the phone will inherit the edge-to-edge design used in iPhone X and Essential Phone. The image also reveals the ‘About’ section of the phone as well which illustrates 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and the latest Android 8.1 Oreo as the OS. This might be the standard version of the flagship.

OnePlus 6 Price & Specs Design

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The leaked image also rules out the possibility of using an on-screen fingerprint reader. Moreover, the basic material used in the phone appears to be glass and metal. After the OnePlus 6 Price & Specs leaked, we still have a long way till the release so this can’t be the final picture. There are some surprises yet to come.

Other rumor states the possibility of using on-screen fingerprint reader (if the leaked image is fake) and 3D facial recognition. It is also expected to come with advanced 3D facial recognition comparable to that of iPhone X and super-fast LTE gigabit connectivity.

OnePlus 6 Release Date & Pricing

OnePlus 6 will come in three variants:

  • Standard version (6GB+64GB) priced at $620
  • Higher version (6GB+128GB) priced at $660
  • Exclusive version(8GB+64GB) priced at $749

If the March ends, then we are sure that the release date of OnePlus 6 will be June.

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