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OnePlus 7 leaked on video – 5G connectivity and a king’s worthy screen

OnePlus, one of the most popular Chinese smartphone manufacturers of the moment is next to hold a presentation event on May 14, where the new flagship of the brand, the OnePlus 7, is expected to be shown to the world. The previews and teasers have not been made wait, and is that, according to a new video and published information, these new terminals will be fighting against the top Smartphones.

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Multiple options for the public

As you have read, we have referred to multiple terminals. It turns out that everything indicates that the brand would present 3 different models of the OnePlus 7. In general, companies only get a standard version and a Premium version of their Smartphones (and some even launch more accessible Lite versions), but in the case of the OnePlus 7, most likely we are talking about a standard version, a premium version with better features (such as memory) and a version that would include 5G connectivity.

These are just possibilities, and beyond that, the only thing we know almost certainly is the final design of the phone thanks to a video of the singer Neha Bhasin, where we can see the new Smartphone making a brief appearance. It is also unclear if this is the standard or its Pro version, but what can be confirmed is that we are facing a phone that will not use the typical notch design, which means that the firm would bet on a frontal retractable camera module. The back is seen briefly, and a classic format of dual cameras in a vertical position is appreciated.

OnePlus 7 - Back design

OnePlus 7 – A screen of giants

The signature Display Mate revealed shortly after the video the rating of the panel of the OnePlus 7. According to the analysts, this is a Super AMOLED panel of A+ quality, similar to that found in the Samsung Galaxy S10. The site has only been limited to give its qualifying note, so the rest of the specifications are a mystery, although the leaks speak of a 6.7 inches panel with a Quad HD + of 3120 x 1440p resolution.